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Situation: The observation was carried out at a Restaurant named Taste of India in Denver on March 28, Sunday at 7 p.m. The walk-ins were normal as there was no waiting line but around 80% tables were occupied. The customers constituted mostly of couples or families. To rate the entire experience, observations were made in the following categories:

|Reservation |Parking/Location |Service |Ambience |Food |Ticket Time |

Objective of the research: The objective of the research is to observe & rate the following:

• Performance, attitudes and behavior of customer-facing staff at various levels • Required standards in and around the restaurant premises • Quality & presentation of food served • Efficiency of service delivery timing

Findings: Parameters mentioned are rated at a metric of 4-1; 4 being excellent; 3 being Good;
2 being average & 1 being bad.

1. Reservation Call

2. Parking Lot/Location
3. Host/Server
4. Decor/Ambience
Overall décor & ambience was comfortable & relaxing. The interiors & restrooms were clean.
5. Food Preparation
The food was prepared & served well. The menu was limited but priced competitively.
6. Ticket times
We had to wait for 5 minutes for our table. There was a bit of delay in food & bill delivery as the restaurant is low on staff.
|Advantage of Observation over survey |Limitations of Observation over survey |
|Overcomes issues of validity, bias etc |Subjectivity of observer |
|Useful when difficult for the subject to provide information. |Carelessness of an observer. |
|Helps in identifying…...

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