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Negative Impact 1. High cost
Since Smartphone are able to do much more than your typical mobile phone, it makes sense for them to be more expensive. The price of hi-end Smartphone is more than 20,000 baht. Then, you need to pay for other accessories, such as cases or headset. You have to pay for data package, internet package of each month. You’ll also have to pay for some of the apps that you use. So this all cost can be your expenses when you have Smartphone, you have to planning for you money for spending of each month.

2. Security and confidentiality
The Security and confidentiality is one of the most concerned for negative impact. If Smartphone has been stolen or your phone is sold or sent to repair without its memory erased. It is high risks that the thief may use your data in the wrong way. If you keep the password of ATM or credit card in your phone, the thief can use your password to access the process and stolen your money easily. So, you have to be more careful to set up some security in the phone

3. Negative health affects
It’s true that the Smartphone can bring the extremely convenient life. But some people seem to be Smartphone addiction, they cannot put down the Smartphone. They spent more time all of days with Smartphone, it caused disturbance in sleeping; if you go to bed so late ,it will increase your tiredness or headache. Since the screen is too small, if it use for long time. It will cause eye straining.

4. Family and Social Relationships
Family dinner is around the world are being interrupted by teenagers texting and checking their Facebook page. Or when you had dinner with a group of friends, you will see was that they kept their eyes on their phone, it really upset because no one seemed interested in communication with other.

5. Distraction from study and work
It becomes a habit of constantly checking…...

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