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I plan to do my research on the babysitting community, specifically being a nanny. Being a nanny is a very great responsibility and it requires lots of time and being able to care for the child at all times. By becoming a nanny not only do you help the children but you also show them a great role model figure that they can look up to. Sometimes children don't have great role model figures to look up to so it's important that you show the children that you can care for them and be an inspiration to them. As a member of this community I believe that you need to be a very caring person to fulfil the needs of the children and their parents. I question how the other nannies are when they are around the children.
Its very easy to become a nanny, there are many different places you can go to become one. There are multiple websites you can go on to sign up such as, or the parents just hire you because you are a relative or neighbor. It is also very important to CPR certified and trained in first aide in case of any emergency that happens.
Its very difficult being a nanny sometimes because a lot of the time the children will think since their parents are gone they can get rowdy around strangers and have them do things they are usually not allowed to do. Because I know I am a nanny in the babysitting community I wonder about why children behave so erratic when their parents are gone and what aggravates them to do so. Therefore the purpose of this study is to focus on the children's psychological behaviors around the nannies when the parents are not home. I believe this is a very intriguing research topic be because its ties in with psychological behaviors. I am currently in a psych class, so to see how their behaviors affect them around different people, and how they cooperate with others will be very interesting. Usually children are very shy around the nannies…...

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