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SUBMITTED BY: UNNIKRISHNAN V 1. Organization: Natureview farm, Inc.
Protagonist : Walter Bellini, Vice president of sales. Jack Gottlieb, vice president of operations Kelly Riley, the assistant marketing director

2. The strategic marketing dimensions to the company’s situation : * Growing revenue of the firm from current value by the end of 2001 fiscal year to avoid cash out. * Expanding the market share.

3. What is the significance of the problem to the subject? * Strengths: Major and trusted brand in natural foods, Product Quality, Strong relationships in natural food market, Channel leader, Relatively Rapid revenue growth, longer product shelf Life. * Weakness: Owns Small portion of the yogurt market, not ventured into supermarket channel, High dependence on brokers for distribution and promotion, inefficient nature foods distribution channel. * Opportunities: Supermarket channel provides significant potential of growth, Natural food’s sales expected to grow by 20%, Opportunity for lowering customer cost. * Threats: Lack of Capital, Main competitor (Horizon) is getting stronger, No expertise in supermarket channel, Company may have to reposition, Risk Inter Product cannibalization.

4. What are the decision options? * To expand six SKUs of 8-oz product line into one or two selected supermarket channel regions. * Expand 4 SKUs of the 32-oz. size nationally * Introduce 2 SKUs of a Children’s Multi-Pack into the Natural Foods Channel

5. What does he/she need to know to make a decision? * Potential in emerging/untapped market for the current product. * Costs, profitability, purchase intention in the new market. * Demand of the refrigerated yoghurt. * Costs, forecasted sales, intention to purchase the…...

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...Case: Natureview Farm It is recommended that Natureview should accept Option 1 and breaks into supermarket channel. First, by doing so, the company will be able to get higher revenue and meet the requirement more easily. Second, it will help Natureview to target new customers. Third, launch Option 3 can help Natureview to increase its brand value. Because Option 1 will expand six SKUs of 8-oz, it will bring the largest dollar and unit share of the refrigerated yogurt, which provide a great potential revenue in the future among three options. [Exhibit 1] Since most of yogurt is sold in supermarket, it would be the best place to promote the sales for Natureview. According to the previous companies’ experience, entering supermarket to sale yogurt can bring over 200% of revenue within two year. Therefore, with first mover advantage and our products premium quality, Natureview have strong success possibility following in the footsteps of successful companies. Choosing Option 1 can provide a great chance for Natureview to earn more new customers and build trust with them in a long-term. Because Natureview will expand its market area into a new market channel and meet more various customers in the future. [Exhibit 2] Since 46% of people prefer to purchase dairy products in supermarket and 97% of people will purchase yogurt in supermarket, expanding the market into supermarket will help Natureview have more chance to earn customers than before. If Natureview release multiple...

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...Nature View Farms: • Yogurt manufacturer • Yogurt Package: Package Natural Food Store Price Supermarket Price 8 oz. cup $0.88 $0.74 32 oz. cup $3.19 $2.70 4 oz. cup multipack $3.35 $2.85 • Product available in Natural Food Stores • Good Brand Image in Natural Food Store channel • Current Revenue = $13 million • Target Revenue = $20 million in 2 years • Considering expanding into Supermarket channel and does not want to hurt loyal natural food store customers • Has three options to launch business into Supermarket channel Market Facts: • Yogurt is consumed by 40% of the US population • Among those 70% are women • Organic dairy products are bought by 74% of heavy organic buyers and 29% of light organic buyers • For natural food buyers, factors to see when buying yogurt are ingredients and whether it is organic or not • Factors to check when deciding which yogurt to purchase are package, size, price, flavor, freshness, ingredients and whether it was organic or not • Shoppers at Natural Food Stores are older, educated and have higher incomes • 46% of organic food consumers bought at supermarkets • 25% bought at a small health store • 29% at natural foods supermarket • 67% of US households said price was a barrier to their purchase of organic products • 58% said they will buy more organic products if price was less • 44% consumers said there was need for wider selection of organic products Option 1: • Expand SIX Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)...

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...Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México. Estrategia de Operaciones Benjamín Casar 971389 Angélica Hernández 1490033 Natureview Farm Tabla de Contenido Introducción ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..2 Modelo de Negocio: 2 Identifica las razones por las que la red de abasto de Tamiflu fue incierta despues de haber cumplido con las backorders. 3 Valore los elementos a considerar en el manejo de reservas para una pandemia global. 3 Determine los retos para construir una cadena de suministro coordinada para el manejo de la estrategia antiviral global. 3 Actualización del Caso 4 Bibliografía…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………4 Introducción: El problema principal de Naturview es que tienen que realizar decisiones estratégicas de mercadotecnia para tener un crecimiento de $13,000,000.00 a $20,000,000.00 antes de llegar al final del 2001 Análisis FODA: Reconozca los factores de éxito de Natureview en términos de producto y canal comercial. En términos de producto: * El tiempo de vida en anaquel que es de 50 días contra los 30 días de los productos competidores. * Un producto totalmente natural y orgánico por completo, desde la leche utilizada de vacas que no han sido tratadas con rGBH, que es una hormona para incrementar la producción de leche, hasta los ingredientes adicionales con el que es preparado. * La fuerte reputación que tiene el producto por ser de gran......

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