Negative Disruptions

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Negative Disruption
Tina Murray
Grand Canyon University: EDU 536

Classroom management is best when students are following procedures and doing what is expect of them. Disruptions and misbehaviors are under control. The ideal classroom where students behave the way they are expected to. Classrooms like this are only found in heaven where perfection is the mainstream of life. Classroom disruptions happen in almost every classroom. Let’s be honest, it happens in every classroom not almost every classroom. Educators deal with students who have their own mind and want to control as much as they can. The frustrations of teachers with classroom management are caused by the negative classroom conditions or disruptions made by students.
For the purposes of this investigation the following negative disruptions will be discussed in detail, talking without permission, disruptive noises, texting or computer usage, tardiness, sleeping in class, unpreparedness, insults, physical threats, and passing notes. One of the major classroom disruptions is talking during lecture, or shouting out comments without raising hands for permission. A student who talks either to other classmates or blurts out during lessons is rude and leads to more serious disruptive behavior (Linsin, 2009). A teacher allows her students to freely discuss the topic of discussion during class. Students are actively shouting out answers and the noise level gets high. To anyone looking in on this class from the outside it seems that the class is out of control. To the teacher it is a chaos she can manage. She loves it when her students interact in this way, but as the year has went on this type of activity has gotten out of hand. Students are behaving with free discussion most of the time and the teacher is having a hard time bring them back into a quiet, productive…...

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