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One of the biggest, and most emphasized themes in “We3” is that of human qualities existing in non-human characters. We see three animals that have been altered with by the government and turned into killing machines. However we see many things that indicate that despite their human capabilities, they still show many qualities of regular animals of their respective species. One of the clearest examples of this is in the second chapter on the twenty-ninth page. Here we see 1 after he and 2 attacked, and ultimately killed a human and his dog. They attacked after the man shot 3, and the dog tried to protect his owner. 1 went immediately for the human while 2 took care of the attacking dog. In these panels, we see 1 practically beating himself up for what he did. He is sitting there with his eyes closed and his head down, which is typically pretty clear body language for somebody that is sad or upset about something. This goes along with the theme I mentioned earlier because people don’t usually think of animals as having the capability to be upset about their actions. Remorse is ordinarily thought of as being a quality that us humans have, but one that animals would not possess. In the panel 1 continues to repeat “Bad dog, bad dog, bad dog” which shows that he is disappointed in his own actions and that it is bothering him that he had to do what he did to the man. It is the only thing that is on his mind, even when 2 asks about home after it, 1 just keeps on saying “Bad dog, bad dog” because it is the only thing that he can think about, and he can’t get it off of his mind. Another way that this particular scene shows a human quality through the animals is you notice that 1 never attacked until the hunter actually hurt 3. The hunter actually pointed his gun and 3 for a few panels and warned him to…...

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