New Employee Orientation

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New Employee Orientation Programme
First Few Sips - Coca-Cola India
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12th August, 2013

First Few Sips- An Overview of Employee Orientation Program
Coca-Cola India is lean organization with a total workforce of around 200-250 employees. Due to the structure, resource requirement and intake is restricted to merely 30-40 heads per year. This makes the training program more customized and individual focussed rather than standard. The common orientation program – First Few Sips however, remains standard yet adaptable to accommodate changes. This program is conducted every 3-4 months. Since, only about 10-12 people join the organization every quarter, HR waits for the availability of a group of new employees before it conducts this orientation program. The reason behind this is the involvement of the Leadership Team. They cannot be made free for individual orientation and thus, there is a requirement of a sizeable group. The itinerary of the orientation program is as follows: Day 1: The new employees meet Atul Singh and Venkatesh Kini in an open house where they get an opportunity to ask these leaders about their experiences. Ice breaking events are conducted. Day 2: Market Visit. This gives the new employees an exposure to the real time developments in the market and thus the related issues and business problems. Day 3: Talks and Open House discussions with Vice Presidents of the various Business Functions. Day 4: Plant visit to a bottling plant of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages. Understanding the supply chain aspects and operational aspects of sales. Day 5: Route Ride – Starting from depot early in morning, going with the supply truck to each retail outlet to provide daily supply. Day 6: Visit to a school adopted by Support My School. Conducting team building exercises for promote leadership and collaboration.


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