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d.light Case Study

Executive Summary d.light is a social global enterprise providing affordable solar-powered solutions designed for the two billion individuals in the developing world without access to reliable energy, founded by Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun. There are offices located in Africa, China, South Asia, and the United States. d.light has successfully improving lives of over 50 million people by selling over 10 million solar light and power products in 62 countries. d.light’s dedication is to provide the most reliable, affordable, and accessible solar lighting and power systems for developing world, with a goal of reaching 100 million individuals by 2020 ("About Us," n.d.). For Profit or Non- Profit? “d.light is dedicated to providing distributed solar energy solutions for households and small businesses that transform the way people all over the world use and pay for energy ("About Us," n.d.).” The mission of d.light is mainly focusing on providing distributed solar energy to households and small businesses. Unlike missions of other organizations, d.light does not mention that one of its mission, nor its goal and vision, is to provide a return for its stakeholders. Therefore, based on what d.light is doing, it is reasonable to turn d.light into a non-profit organization. However, before making decision on which module to apply on d.light, the organization must understand the difference between for profit and non-profit organization. One of the largest differences is source of capital. The current situation for d.light is shortage on high liquidity assets, in other words, cash. A for profit company receives its capital from investors who often look for short term return, but it hardly fits d.light’s identity as a social enterprise. In addition, there are not many investors willing to invest a large…...

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Recruit It creates a ripple effect; more job openings occur as employees are moved about. It lowers the morale of those employees not selected for the position. It may result in stagnation since new outlooks and ways of doing things are not being brought into the firm. It creates negative internal competition for the position. There are some drawbacks to internal recruitment. Since there are limited opportunities for advancement, there is often negative competition among employees for openings. Then those who are not selected may feel demoralized. Not bringing in fresh ideas to the firms can result in stagnation; this is often referred to as inbreeding or the cloning of employees. Finally, as openings are filled internally, new openings are created, causing a ripple effect and more hiring. 它創建了一個連鎖效應,更多的就業機會,為員工發生轉移的問題。 它降低了員工的士氣那些沒有入選的位置。 它可能會導致停滯,因為新的前景和處事方式不被帶入公司。 它創建內部競爭的不利地位。 也有一些缺點內部招聘。因為有晉升機會有限,有員工之間的競爭往往是負面的開口。那麼那些誰不選擇可能會感到士氣低落。不引進新的想法的公司可能會導致停滯,這是通常被稱為近親繁殖或克隆的員工。最後,開口填補國內,創造新的開口,引起了連鎖反應,更聘用。 Disadvantage Inbreeding: One drawback of extensive internal recruiting is the reduced likelihood of innovation and new perspectives. A lack of new employees from the outsides leads to a lack of new ideas and approaches. • EEO Criteria: A use of the internal pool for the consideration of vacant positions can lead to conflicts with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The organization has to ensure and......

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