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|FECHA: |Santiago, Septiembre 28 de 2011. |
|PROPONENTE: |Universidad Del Desarrollo. |
|GERENTE GENERAL: |Sra. Marcela Zacarías. |
|INGENIEROS: |Jara O., Diego. |
| |Oportus V., Gonzalo A. |
| |Santibáñez R., Felipe A. |
| |Toledo M., Claudio. |
| |Ugalde C., Víctor. |
| |Valenzuela V., Sebastián A. |




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...Resumen: La Odisea, Homero Elaborado por: Mariela Mata. La Odisea es un poema épico griego que data del año 700 A.C. y se le atribuye a Homero. El poema, que se cree fue transmitido, en primera instancia, de forma oral, consta de 24 cantos y fue escrito usando una métrica llamada hexámetro dactílico, es decir, cada línea de la Odisea original estaba formada por seis unidades o pies. Argumento Odiseo es un héroe griego y el Rey de Ítaca, quién, después de pelear la guerra con Troya, le toma diez años regresar a casa. Penélope es su esposa y Telémaco su hijo. La Odisea cuenta la historia de Odiseo, uno de los héroes griegos más famosos, y su travesía de diez años a casa al final de la Guerra con Troya. En su camino se topa con hechiceras, cíclopes, dioses furiosos, entre otros. En casa, en Ítaca, su esposa, Penélope, y su hijo, Telémaco, son acechados por varios nobles y solteros codiciosos que creen que Odiseo está muerto y están buscando su fortuna. Eventualmente Odiseo regresa a casa y los mata a todos. La travesía del héroe abarca desde Troya, en Asia, menor pasando por las islas del Mar Mediterráneo (cerca de Italia) y de regreso a Ítaca, Grecia. Resumen de los Cantos Canto I: Homero comienza la Odisea invocando a la Musa para que cuente lo sucedido a Odiseo después de destruir Troya. En una asamblea de los dioses griegos, Atenea aboga por la vuelta del héroe a su hogar, quien lleva muchos años en la isla de la ninfa Calipso. La misma Atenea, tomando la figura de Mentes,...

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...English Composition “Se Habla Espanol” Summary and Personal Response In the essay "Se Habla Espanol" by Tanya Maria Barrientos, she identifies her struggles of being a Latina native who does not speak the language. From Guatemala, Tanya came to the United States at three years old, in 1963, with her family and gave up communicating in Spanish quickly. Her parents determined that their children would only speak, read, and write English to fit into what they called the “Anglo Society” (Barrientos, 2011). In her younger years, Tanya herself believed that if she fit in with this society, she could escape the Spanish stereotypes. At sixteen, Tanya’s father decided to send her to Mexico to help her see that being called Mexican was not an insult but more of an honor. Tanya was reluctant to go, but when she did, she found out that she loved the environment and culture. Sending her to Mexico gave her a new sense of pride that she didn't exactly know how to sustain. The author opens the essay registering for a Spanish class for the sixth time. According to Tanya in the wake of expressing her last name, she naturally heard that snippet of delay from the other man on the telephone. She reveals how she feels when people see her or hear her last name, they automatically expect her to speak Spanish. Tanya and her family came to the United States in 1963. Immediately at the age of three both of her parents decided that their children would defy the odds of their Guatemalan culture and...

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...SUMMARY OF SE HABLA ESPANOL BY TANYA BARRIENTOS (REVISED) CLARENCE GRANT STRAYER UNIVERSITY English 115 Professor Sophia Russell August 8, 2012 In her essay, Se Habla Espanol writer Tanya Barrientos presents a memoir of a Guatemalan born Latina brought to the United States as a child but failed to identify with her native culture. Now, as an adult, she struggles to regain her Latino identity and acceptance. Barrientos was brought to the United States at a very young age by her parents who immersed her into the American culture by speaking only Spanish. This was to serve the purpose of blending her more readily into her new society and thus, ensuring her success. She describes how Americans during that time were not culturally tolerant and expected foreigners who entered the country to “leave their cultural baggage at the border”. As a result of her parents decision Barrientos assimilates to her new culture and rejects her old one. She took pride in not being able to speak Spanish; and furthermore, she took pride in her American peers saying that she did not seem Mexican. Barrientos states that those comments “made me feel superior. It made me feel American. It made me feel white.” Once her father realized how she felt about her native culture he set out to change her feelings. He sent her to spend time in Mexico City and his plan worked. She returned to the United States with a new appreciation for her Latino roots. She......

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