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“No Vacancy” The number of heroin-related deaths has increased nearly 160 percent since the year 2010, and the numbers continue to spike. What if the addict knew that they were able to test their limits, thanks to the new antidote, Narcan? Narcan is used to reverse an overdose and push out any existing opiates that may be in the users system and is supposed to save the addict, who otherwise would not have lived to see another day. Some argue that because of this antidote, it has taken away the fear of death to the users and is not a fix at all, but more of an enabler. Treatment and resources for treatment are not mandated after they are saved, so is this really a solution, or just a quick fix to the epidemic of substance abuse? Are we really saving the addicts, or making it a safer environment for them to get high? Ocean County NJ prosecutor Joe Coronato stated, “There have been several individuals that we’ve sprayed two or three times already, but sometimes by the 3rd, they’ve not survived.” The problem is addiction, lack of long-term treatment centers, and not enough funding. Those problems will remain, with or without an antidote. Narcan was deployed more than 1,000 times in 2014; 1,000 lives extended, but not saved, which is clear when you see the 95% chance of relapse after being released back to the streets. Who can blame them? The Narcan blocks the effects of opioids and reverses an overdose, causing the user immediate withdrawal symptoms, and just like that, they are off looking for their next fix to ease the pain and discomfort.
Drug and alcohol treatment centers are required to keep a certain amount of beds available for those required to be there by the court of law, why not keep some available for emergency situations, as in an overdose victim? Offering a treatment plan and addressing addiction as an illness rather than shaming it could turn the…...

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