Nursing Home Crisis

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Nursing Home Crisis

Many may not understand what goes on at a nursing home. They think that it is easy work just taking care of the basic needs of a resident. As for the time that I have been a nurse aide I have found how hard of work being a nurse aide is and how much many nursing home forget the importance of meeting the basic needs of their residents. You would think that this would be the most important aspect that all nursing homes must meet, but just like every other business a nursing home is also money base, it is not charity. Many times in this hard economy nursing homes have to make cuts, and unfortunately they are cutting all in the wrong places. Many times office jobs in the nursing home are the last to be cut and the nurse aides are the first to be cut, and the reason being is because many states do not have laws stating the aide to resident ratio. Today, a local nursing home has just got a new hope in recovering the problem of the loss of success that their nursing home has encountered. They have begun to cut nurse aides and have begun to run the halls short-handed, unfortunately their complaints have went up and their residents have become very unhappy. The nursing home has now decided to fire the current administrator and hire a new administrator in hope for new ideas and better success for their nursing home. Although the new administrator has many difficult problems to solve she has a lot of faith in recovering the problem the nursing home is now encountering. The new administrated began looking through past experiences working in a nursing home as a nurse aide. She remember the hard work that was endure every day, and how every resident depended on those few nurse aides that work on each hall. To be a nurse aide you have to have the heart and love for each every resident, and this administrated motto was “treat every resident as you…...

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