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According to the text (Martacchio, 2013) discusses internal compensation programs systems that allows companies to structure their pay scales and to determine how they will recruit people to fit the positions they are hiring for. It also states that "HR professionals create internally consistent job structures through two processes- job analysis followed by job evaluation" (p. 120). Some of the challenges companies could face are past inconsistent systems that did not work, inconsistent job analyses, and former job duties that were not aligned with job descriptions, just to name a few. All of these things could present conflicts and issues for the companies as they strive to complete company goals.
I think companies’ market competitiveness is most important for the company’s competitive advantage. If a company is not competitive with the current mart it could face layoffs due to lack of work or it may even have to outsource labor and materials for lower financial challenges it may be faced with. Some pros and cons could be companies with cheaper benefits or even companies that are folding due to loss or lack of business; and of course our economy and its recession. As I see it, all of these are issues and can affect both the internal consistencies and market competitiveness. Currently the organization I am employed by has outsources our benefits, payroll and a few other essential benefits because of our budget and lack of federal funding.
For companies performance management to be effective there should be a evaluation tool in place to properly measure employees performances. As an example, my own company has an evaluation tool in place which has not been very effective in the past and now I as a supervisor have to deal with unhappy employees because of past evaluation ratings. After completing the evaluations under my supervision, I had many employees go over my…...

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How to Build a Dream Team Sometimes I learn 4 steps to express and feel the emotions: Keeping the emotions and not expressing them can be dangerous. It will come up somehow. It is the 5 senses Visual => Lemon Auditif/ Listening => the little musique Kinesthesique / Touching Odorat/ Smell Goût / Taste Assertive => saying things directly I + … 1) Manipulation 2) Aggressive 3) Avoidance From the P to the EQ/R: Me, other, team, change PHQ: physical Physiological laws: how does the body works, hormones. Reinforcement: how to reinforce your body? Resistance level Recovery The red part of the energy: thinking, stress, conflicts, angry, disturb, still. The green part: 1) Sleep (40%) 2) Nutriments (20%) oxygen is also a nutriment 3) Physical activities 4) Social contacts 5) Leisure (passive and active) 6) Psychological satisfaction 7) Laugh We are worth our weakest battery 1st step: Cohesive group: 1+1=2. 2nd step: Collection of individuals: 1+1<2. 1. Common goals 2. Common rules 3. Trust 3rd step: Performing team: 1+1> 2 4. Roles 5. Motivation 6. Talent Making a timeline helps people to have clear ideas of what we have to do. Start => Finish => Feedbacks, rewards/ celebrate, victories, summary Set common rules Plan Redefine the roles CM3: Pyramid: Top to the flop: Pride Accomplishments......

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