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Nutritional Needs Ad Lisa Berthelot 5/23/16

Nutritional needs for a fetus and embryo
When you are eating for two you want to make sure that you are eating the right things. These things are can be but are not limited to folate and folic acid, vitamin D, protein, and Iron. A few ways you can obtain these are through peanut butter, milk, eggs, poultry, meat, and cereal.

There are things that could happen to your child if you do not watch what you eat as for as disease and health concerns in general. A few of those concerns could be abnormal brain development, higher risk of diabetes, obesity, heart problems and possible lower IQ.

There are always things that can be eaten that are good for you and things that are bad for you. You always want to stay toward the good side of food but if for some reason you were to have to eat bad food you can eat in small quantities. Some of the foods you can eat that are good for you are carrots, eggs, brown rice, and chicken. Some things that you should not eat on a daily basis are overly sweet foods, sushi, or undercooked or raw meats.

When I ask people how they prefer to feed their baby, if it is with breast milk or if it is with formula. I also looked up the pros and cons of each to see when I have a baby what I would prefer to do. When looking at breastfeeding the pros to it is that it is always available, the nutrients are perfectly sized for the baby, it helps against SIDS and it can help decrease the risk a baby can have to obesity. Some of the cons though to breastfeeding is if you are doing something and your baby is hungry you have to drop everything and feed, if you are working while breastfeeding you have to take time to yourself to be able to pump to insure that the baby always has food, your breasts can leak if you are not feeding or leaking, and your nipples hurt more because the baby is…...

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