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Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting.
1.1 Identify the reason people communicate; * To obtain information: in a health settings or any organisation setting, information will be gathered concerning clients, it is therefore important that you can communicate verbally (using appropriate words) and non-verbally (email and care plan). * To establish and maintain relationship with others: we need to communicate with others in other to know more about them, to develop and to maintain relationship with them. * To understand and to be understood: people communicate to understand needs, choices preferences, problems etc. we communicate to be understood also by others.
1.2 Explain how communication affects relationships in the work settings;
As a care assistant communication plays a vital role and it is the heart of everything I do therefore effective communication is essential to carry others along. Communication can lead to a good or bad service within a work setting. Good communication encourages participation that promote equality within the work setting. To communicate effectively you have to ensure information is clear, accurate, detailed, non-judgmental etc. all of the above are important for references and legal purposes. It enables everyone to work to the same standard in other to avoid confusion. I.e. if carer A states it down clearly in the handover note that Mr B has had all his medication for the day and it has also been indicated in the medicine chart, carer B will understand from the handover not to administer the med to him again. Effective communication goes hand in hand with relationship, if there is good communication skills it promotes the relationship between colleagues, service users, their family and other…...

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