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Obama - Exercise A

1) Give an outline of the different attitudes to the situation of Americans presented in texts 1, 2 and 3.

In text 1, “Black is being seen in a whole new light”, Yolanda Young, a black lawyer and columnist for the USA Today, writes about her own experiences.

Before Barack Obama was elected (got) President of the United States, (no white people noticed) Yolanda was only noticed through her column in the USA today. (She felt that her black colour) The colour of her skin made her invisible on the streets of Washington.

(Now it has chance and she is not invisible more.) Since Obama was voted in as President, (Almost daily white people tell her with a smile that she is beautiful and compares her with Michelle Obama.) Yolanda now receives daily compliments about her looks and people notice her likeness with the first lady; “You look just like Michelle Obama”, she is often told by the white people who recognises her natural beauty.

A research in 2008 carried out by two psychology professors, found that 51 % of 300 non-black students showed an automatic preference for white people – which is not many compared to 80% in a previous research.

Yolanda puts focus on another research where black children were presented with a black and a white doll. The children were given the choice of which doll they preferred and nearly all of them choose the white doll.

Text 2 is an excerpt from a speech given by Eric Holder who is an Attorney General of the United States.
In his speech, Eric mentions that when America elected their first black President, they also elected a president, who can deal with the difference of races.
In America everyone work, eat and socialize with one another, irrespective of their race.
The society in the United States has made it possible to blend all people together; “As a nation we have done a pretty good job…...

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