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1500 First reported successful Cesarean section (mother and child surviving). Jacob Nufer

1701 First successful ovariotomy. Robert Houstoun

1795 Pueperal sepsis first proposed to be due to infectious contagion as a result of observational, epidemiologic study in Aberdeen, Scotland. Alexander Gordon

1809 First ovarian cystectomy (Danville, Kentucky). Ephraim McDowell

1812 First recorded vaginal hysterectomy (performed accidentally and unplanned). Palletta

1813 First modern, documented total vaginal hysterectomy (though certainly not the first). C.J.M. Langenbeck

1825 First ever blood transfusion, performed for postpartum hemorrhage. James Blundell

1827 Fetal heart tone auscultated for the first time. John Creery Ferguson

1833 First detailed account of fetal heart tones made. Evory Kennedy

1843 First abdominal hysterectomy (the patient died). Charles Clay

1846 Ether first administered to a woman in labor. Crawford Williamson Long

1847 Puerperal fever shown to be caused by infectious contagion through interventional trial proving that it could be prevented. Ignaz Semmelweis

1847 Chloroform first used as an anesthetic, used during labor. James Young Simpson

1849 Vesicovaginal fistula successfully treated with surgery. J. Marion Sims

June, 1853 First successful adbominal hysterectomy (Lowell, Massachusetts) Walter Burnham

Sept., 1853 First successful, planned abdominal hysterectomy (Lowell, Massachusetts) Gilman Kimbell

1866 First human artificial insemination. J. Marion Sims

1869 First operative hysteroscopy performed. D. Commander Pantaleoni

1872 First oopherectomy for sepsis. Robert Lawson Tait


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