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Fast-paced lifestyle and stress have a negative effect on families. To what extent you agree?
Fast –paced – a lot of challenges, fast-driven, hectic life,
Stress- mental pressure, depression, overwhelming worries, fear, anxiety, concerns, burden
Families problems, issues, fractured families, unstable, dysfunctional, marital, domestic misunderstanding, conflicts, tension
It is true that the speed of life in some countries increased significantly and has influence on all aspects of life including families. There are thoughts that increasing number of families issues is caused by the change of lifestyle over past decades. However, I think that not all families are a subject of a new modern life .
There are many benefits for family well-beings can be attributed to the fast-driven life. Firstly, being busy and involved in a great numbers of errands means that there is not time for other illicit affairs . For example, getting ready children to school, outdoor activities, watching dedicated partner working or multitasking are the factors that make family stronger. Secondly, at the present time due to the fact that many newlyweds can study and work at the same time , have an opportunity to live separately from their parents and that also reduces the number of conflicts in families. Last but not least is stress of new life is not a really stress . It is a new challenge which can be combat in any way. It has be proven that a lot challenges during the life enable partners build stronger families with healthy children,
However, there it can be argued that many families break up due to the burden of life with a great deals of responsibilities . It is partly true that not many can sustain the huge demand of labour market which is the main financial basis for every family. Re-training, taking new courses are examples why…...

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