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Commonwealth Ombudsman
What does the Overseas Students Ombudsman do?
The Overseas Students Ombudsman investigates complaints about problems that international students have with private schools, college and universities (education providers) in Australia.
If you are not satisfied with a decision or action taken by your private registered education provider, you should ask about their internal complaints and appeals process. If you complain to your provider, but you are not satisfied with the result, you can complain to the Ombudsman.
Who can complain to the Overseas Students Ombudsman?
Intending, current and former overseas students can contact the Ombudsman about an action or decision taken by their private registered education provider in Australia. Family or friends of overseas students, who are concerned about a problem an overseas student is having with a private provider, can also contact the Ombudsman. See: Permission for someone else to act on my behalf form
What can I complain about?
You can complain about your provider if you believe they may not have followed the rules correctly or treated you fairly. Complaints might be about: * refusing admission to a course * fees and refunds * course or provider transfers * course progress or attendance * cancellation of enrolment * accommodation or work arranged by your provider * Incorrect advice given by an education agent.
The Overseas Students Ombudsman can investigate complaints about education agents who have an agreement with a provider to represent them in Australia or overseas.
You can also complain if a provider has failed to take action or is taking too long to take some action, like not providing your results in the normal timeframe, or not providing services included in your written agreement with the provider.
You can complain about something which happened in the…...

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