Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon A Time
I am a lifelong Disney enthusiast; I know everything there is to know about Disney movies, theme parks, and culture. Some people would say that I am obsessed, but I just think of myself as a huge admirer. At the young age of six, I took my first trip to Walt Disney. A big part of who I am is my love for Disney culture. From the day that my mom put in Toy Story, my enthusiasm for Disney spread like fire and, once kindled, blew into a flame.
As a kid, I was curious to see, learn, and do just about everything. When I watched movies like Aladdin or Jungle Book, I was captivated by the great characters, the songs, and the exotic, faraway lands the movies introduced. My mom would play Aladdin, and I would watch the entire movie, then go to my neighbor’s house across the street, and go to my friend Ian’s house, and tell him, “We need to go explore!” I was convinced that if Ian and I walked far enough, we would come across a desert like in Aladdin, or a mysterious jungle with singing monkeys. Watching Disney movies really sparked my enthusiasm for exploring and for traveling. As soon as I started high school, I g heavily involved myself in foreign language and student clubs like Student Council and Science Club. Spanish introduced me to other parts of the world, which I found appealing because of my urge to see other places. My open-mindedness, curiosity, and enthusiasm for travel can be linked to my early interests in characters that I found appealing, like Wendy, who took a leap of faith and joined Peter Pan on a journey to Never Land, and I will never forget Rapunzel finally leaving her tower. I was always at the edge of my seat during all of these movies and I truly felt everything the characters felt. I can see how the actions I make in my own life now reflect those moments as a kid when I…...

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...chaduvannadu...first rank annadu.......anni cheppi malli send off time start ayyindhi..... manam asale vacchina kotta kadha ani full ga tecchadu ma nanna aresalannadu....jilebi annadu...mamidi tandra annadu...ila evevo icchi ma nanna started back.....emundhi anni moyyaleka elagola mosthu room ki vaccha......... akkada na kosame wait chesthundhi.....ramya nair....adhe na kerala warden.....emundhi....serious ga chusthu... em teccharu ani adigindhi....chupincha ila teesuku ra andhi....sare ani poya....... inke mundhi.....unna annitini....room lo unna 25 mandiki panchesi naku oka share icchi.....andarini.... meeku maDHU ivanni icchadu kadha say THANKS TO Madhu andhi..... thoti pilla nayyalantha....thank you manoj annaru.....appati daka bane unna kani thanks cheppaka malli edupu start/.... Ala na jivitham roju tinadam legadam......padukovatam...ila gadusthundhi..... ma keraladhi roju edoka reason tho nannu utakatam ala vatu ayipoyayi......... chivaraku vinayakachavathi holidays vacchay......parents ki.....letters vestharu....pillalani so and so date lo teesukellamani....ma nannaki uttharam chadivina alavatu leni pani kauka marchipoyadanta hostel lo andaru vellipothunnaru.....ma warden emo nannau pampesi adhi kuda train ekki kerala podham andartho kalisi ani waiting chivaraku ma nanna raledhu....andaru madams and...students jump/....migilindhi ma warden nenu...kontha mandhi workers... inka adhi ala nasuguthu tidthu....time pass chesthundi.......... inthalo......

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