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The One Minute Manager is a quick read that covers the basics of managing people. It tries to demonstrate that managing people does not have to be a time consuming part of our jobs if done right. The emphasis is on setting goals and establishing clear expectations, praising people by catching them doing something right and correcting poor performance. Each of these parts can theoretically be done without spending a great deal of time.
One Minute Goals: The basic idea is to set goals and identify what good results look like. They should be done on paper in 250 words or less. Both the manager and employee should individually review the goals and progress regularly to see whether the result matches the expectation. The overall idea of this part is that there should be no surprises because everyone involved should clearly understand the expectation. One Minute Praising: Managers should be trying to catch people doing something right. Managers should tell people in advance that you are going to let them know how they are doing. People should be praised immediately on being caught doing it right. The manager needs to be specific in the praise and tell the person how good it makes you feel and how it helps the organization and other coworkers. The point of one minute praising is to reinforce positive behavior. One Minute Reprimands: This is not a formal heavyweight reprimand. It is supposed to be a gentle correction for poor performance. Once again the manager needs to make sure employees know that you are going to be honest about how they are doing. Just as with praisings, people need to be reprimanded immediately. It’s important to be specific and tell the person how you feel and how it impacts the organization and coworkers. After the reprimand the person should be told how much they are valued and reminded that the manager things well of them, just not…...

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...ONE MINUTE MANAGER SUMMARY In this book a young man is in search of an effective and produtive manager who can help him learn the secrets to success and effective manager. While looking for the answers he found that there are three secrets to become a “One Minute Manager”. A one minute manager is the one who in a very little time manages people and get very big results from them. The first secret and the base of this book is “One Minute Goal Setting”. One minute manager believes in the 80-20 goal setting rule i.e, 80% of your really important results will come from 20% of your goals. One minute goal setting is all about agreeing on your goals, focusing on god behavior, writing down your goals and simple and less words and reading them time and again and finally examine your performance and see if your behavior matches your goals. The second secret we come across is the “One Minute Praising”. It requires a manager to appreciate and praise his employee on their right work and good performance more often. A manager’s feedback is really important for an employee. To make an employee feel good about his right work, a manager should tell him about this good work and support him to continue the same in the future and then shakes hand with him to tell him who good he feel about his performance and good work. The final secret is “One Minute Reprimand”. One minute reprimands are used to correct and redirect behavior. When an employee is doing wrong or makes mistakes, he should......

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...The One Minute Manager by- Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson PRINTING HISTORY: William Morrow and Company edition published 1982 Berkley trade paperback edition / October 1983 PUBLISHING GROUP & AREA: Berkley Books are published by The Berkley Publishing Group, 200 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016. The name “BERKLEY” and the “B” logo are trademarks belonging to Berkley Publishing Corporation. PRINTED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA LANGUAGE: English PAGES: 50 Summary by - PALLAB GHOSH Summary: The One Minute Manager reveals three secrets to productive and efficient managing as told through a young man's search for the perfect managing and leading skills. The One Minute Manager is focused on, not surprisingly, a one minute manager. The man is a venerable leader that is highly spoken of by his employees, his three secrets being the key to his success .The first secret is One Minute Goals. This involves a meeting of the manager and the employee where goals are agreed on, written down in a brief statement, and occasionally reviewed to ensure that productivity is occurring. This whole process takes a "minute", which truly means it is a quick meeting, however it is not limited to just sixty seconds. The purpose of one minute goal setting is to confirm that responsibilities of each working is understood, understanding that confusion leads to inefficiency and discouragement. The second secret to one minute managing is one minute praisings.......

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...sdfghjklzxcvbnm ONE MINUTE MANAGER | 1. What are three steps of the one minute manager? Explain what each step means to you. The three steps of a one minute manager are: One minute goal to me means simply to define your goal and fully understand what needs to be done, know what possible problems can arise to stop achievements and come up with solutions beforehand. One minute Praising- it’s most naturally that one needs to be recognized for the good work that he/she has done. So when a boss comes and praise their employee most naturally they will want to continue making the right decisions. It’s true that an employer should not wait a whole entire year to praise his employees but can do it right there and then in just one minute and it will be appreciated. One minute reprimand- if an employee knows what needs to be done and has screwed up, they don’t need their boss to point out what they did wrong as they know right away. However I think that it is something good that the boss address the problem right away and make it effective. Sometimes one needs someone to point out when they are wrong so they don’t slip up again.   2. Why did the one minute manager not have a high employee turnover? They didn’t have a high employee turnover as the employees were satisfied and they were right where they wanted to be. The one minute manager was not only a manager but also a trainer.   3. Why did Ms. Gomez call the one minute manager the best trainer of......

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...The One-Minute Manager The First Secret The one-minute manager is a very inspiring book, it reveals many secrets and at the same time gives you a lot of motivation towards your work and how to be a perfect manager. This book reveals three secrets to productivity and efficient managing skills as told through a young man’s search of a perfect manager. This man was doing his homework, and was researching about the managers and how they do their job, and how they manage their time and their leading skills to be specific. The one-minute manager is about the one-minute manager to be precise. This manager is very vulnerable and his employees talk about him a lot, there are three secrets to his success. In the first 20 pages they talk about his first secret. His first secret is the one-minute goal. It involves having meeting and talking about goals and objectives with the employees, all the things that is written and spoken, telling his good points, bad points, and how to improve. All of this in just simple one minute meeting. His idea of one minute meeting is that “ time is money”. Its not him being disrespectful, its showing the ways of how to be successful. He’s is trying his best not to waste time, and make good usage of it. One Minute Praisings is the second secret. The authors suggest that effective managers help people reach their full potential by catching them doing something right. "People who feel good about themselves produce good results." The One Minute Praising......

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...The “One Minute Manager” has identified three components which I personally believe are important in developing the leadership and management strategies of a manager. I will be mentioning the three components and how it has influenced (and not influenced) my work as an HR officer in a school. First, is the One Minute Goal Setting, wherein both the employer and the employee know what is expected of them from the beginning of the task. The employee then is given immediate feedback that may be turned into motivation on the part of the employee. In our school, we have implemented a start-of the-school-year goal setting wherein both the superior and subordinate identify goals that the subordinate has to accomplish for the school year. There is a one-page form in tabular format for the goals, the performance indicators, the weight according to priority, and the score. Evaluation time is set before the school year ends. This technique has been very effective in our institution because the employees already know exactly what is expected of them at the start of the year. They are guided as to what tasks they have to accomplish first based on the priority list, what goals have been achieved, and what are still needed to be done. The employee’s goals may be revisited and reviewed periodically to determine their need to adjust. Secondly, the One Minute Praising which aims at catching people doing something right rather than catching them doing something wrong. An example of...

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