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Example Writing Answers for the Academic Practice Tests
Below you will find example writing answers for all the writing questions in the Academic Practice Tests. Some of these example essays were written by IELTS students and some were written by an IELTS examiner in order to give an example of a good answer. Please refer to the question papers while you are reading these answers so that you understand the question that is being answered. After each of the example answers, an IELTS examiner has written a short commentary analysing the good and bad points of the answer. We hope this will give you an insight into how the writing answers should be written for IELTS Academic module.

Academic Writing Practice Test 1 Task 1
In this report I will describe a bar chart that shows the estimated world illiteracy rates by gender and region for the year 2000. First I will look at male illiteracy for the 6 areas shown. The lowest rates were in Developed Countries, Latin America/Caribbean and East Asia/Oceania with rates of 1% (approximately), 10% and 8% (approximately) respectively. The rates for the next three areas were much higher and quite similar to each other. Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab States and South Asia had rates of approximately 31%, 29% and 34%. Female illiteracy was much higher relatively in each area except Latin America/Caribbean where it was only slightly higher. The lowest rates for female illiteracy were again Developed Countries, Latin America/Caribbean and East Asia/Oceania with rates of approximately 2%, 12% and 20%. Again the rates for the next three areas were much higher and quite similar to each other. Sub-Saharan Africa, the Arab States and South Asia had rates of approximately 48%, 52% and 56%. This ends my report. (168 words) Estimated IELTS Writing Band 9

Commentary on the above answer. This letter was…...

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Online an educational environment rather than in their comfort area. Things that are obtained in a classroom like the competitiveness to beat one another, healthy interactions, difference in opinion, and just the feeling of accomplishment cannot be achieved through a computer screen. The department of education should not be funding the experimental online school. The experiment provides students to work from home with distractions, the lack of ambition, and it does not offer them with the right interactions that he or she will need. This would also be a bad idea in the sense of students cheating. Who would know if the student is actually taking the test or doing the courses by themselves or not having a the study guide and web site open in another tab on the computer during the test. The educational department should not provide funding for this experimental online school due to the fact that it 's easier for student to be distracted and procrastinate when they're at home rather than in a classroom. First, students will become more distracted because they're at home in an environment that may not be fit for a student to be taking online courses and can be doing whatever they want while they're supposed to be taking tests and doing the courses. Then, it's easier to procrastinate if there's no one to encourage them. They'll just keep putting it off thinking oh ill get it done tomorrow then tomorrow comes, and they put it off another day. The cycle just keeps repeating itself......

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