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BUS599 MBA Integrative Project Module II-Case
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The following paper looks to inform the reader of the six OD models widely used by organizations. Each of the six models is unique; bringing with them their own pros and cons. Along with the OD models, we will be covering three issues plaguing the Whole Foods Market today.
7s Model
McKinsey 7s model is a model developed by McKinsey Consultants with help from Richard Pascale and Anthony G. Anthos in the 1980s. McKinsey 7s model follows the 7 key internal parts of: approach, structure, arrangements, shared values, style, workforce and skills to permit organizations to realize its goals. Approach is a plan established by a firm to bring an economical advantage alongside with success competitor within the market. Structure is the organizational chart of the firm legendary for being one in every of the foremost visible and simple to vary parts of the framework. Arrangements are legendary for being the main focus for how managers accomplish business; particularly throughout structure modification. Skills are the talents of the staff of the firm. Staff is the amount of staff at intervals a corporation required to hold out the mission. Style is the management and leadership of top-ranking managers. Shared values are the basis of each organization and also the core of McKinsey 7s model; the standards that guide employee’s behaviour. The model remains one of the foremost popular strategic designing tools. McKinsey 7s model focus on the soft S’s: style, staff, skills, and shared values than hard S’s: strategy, structure, and systems. According to authors of the Model 7s, the pros and cons are as follows: The model is anything but difficult to use as partner explanatory structure. Since it consolidates both normal and burdensome parts with passionate and delicate segments,…...

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