Organizational Impact

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Organizational Impact
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March 19, 2012

It is important for organizations across all sections of the economy to be innovative. It is especially important for companies in the technology field like Apple, the automotive industry like Ford, and the service industry like Southwest Airlines to be innovative. Some organizations tend to have a conservative innovative strategy compared to others that seem to lead the pack when it comes to being innovative. Innovation can come in three main forms to include process innovation, product/service innovation, and strategy innovation. Organizations that adopted quality and continuous improvement programs over the years have made process innovation an important topic (Apple, 2012).
Apple Inc., based in America, is a designer of computer hardware and software. The company designs other computer electronics and is best known for their Macintosh personal computers. Along with Macs and their OS X software, Apple also designs ILife, and other professional software such as I Work. . The digital music revolution is lead by Apple with the invention of IPods and the online store I Tunes. Apple has transformed the mobile phone industry with its creation of the iPhone and App Store. With its invention of the IPad, Apple has successfully defined the future of mobile media (Apple, 2012). In early 2010, Apple computers introduced the first Ipad. It appears that this innovative product, along with the Iphone, has catapulted Apple to the top of the technological field. Without this type of innovation, Apple would probably be just another business in the technological field.
In observing the Automotive industry, Ford Motor Company seems to be crushing the competition when it comes to being innovative. In 2009, when other major auto companies were receiving bailouts from the government, Ford Motors stood strong and did…...

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