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The Mysterious Blogger

In the case of the mysterious blogger the associate director of operations has put in a new security system but Jamal Moore hacked the system. He did this only because there was an unidentified employee who was posting company-related information on a private blog. Jamal Moore is one of the company’s IT employees but he retrieved the bloggers identity from his house without the company’s consent. Jamal Moore discovers that the mysterious blogger is Aaron Webb. He sends this information over to the Associate Director of Operations an e-mail with this information. The associate director of operations has to decide if it would be ethical to use the information that Jamal Moore provided to discipline Aaron web for violating the non-disclosure agreements (NDA) of the company.
Depending upon the lens there are different decision-making steps will be used ethically to address the issue but the first step is to determine who the primary stakeholders are. The associate director of operations used the rights and responsibility lens and the result lens. She has to determine what duties she owes the primary stakeholders. That will assist her in deciding which option best fulfills the requirement of this lens. This would be to “fire Jamal Moore for his unsanctioned illegal activity. Fire Aaron Webb for violating NDA.” When the rights and responsibilities lens was used the associate director of operations was rational and treated the employees equally. With the results lens she had to determine the effects of the stakeholders, values of the stakeholders, and there criteria for happiness. Option five best fulfills this lens: “Use the information from Jamal Moore to discipline Aaron Webb for violating NDA. Caution Jamal Moore about his unsanctioned illegal activity.” When using the results lens the Associate Director of Operations was being sensible based…...

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