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Organizational Performance Management
Varilie L. Williams-Garner
September 17, 2012
HCS/451 Health Quality Management and Outcomes Analysis
Jodie Sapaugh

Health care as an industry exists to serve its stakeholders in the safest, most effective and efficient manner; but each organization type and company function differently. Organizations share some similar functionalities and regulatory requirements that provide a path for them to follow. The regulatory requirements demand compliance and a standard performance level creating a need for specialized monitoring and accreditation to support quality improvement on numerous levels. Communication is a key component of the process an organization has adopted to maintain compliance, meet standards and regulatory requirements, and maintain the company’s vision and mission. The process commands the role of risk-management to supervise safety functions and quality-management to supervise the stakeholder satisfaction with the services provided in all aspects. Differences and similarities in functionality for each organization or company runs parallel in the goal of safety and satisfaction through monitoring, improving, and communicating to meet regulatory and compliance requirement standards.
Similarities and Differences These organizations share many similarities and yet there are differences amongst the five types of organizations chosen; hospitals, emergency services, assisted daily living, home health care, and diagnostics or laboratory facilities. Let us take two, the difference between home health care and assisted daily living are that one may require a higher level of care deemed necessary by the doctors. Home health care has a doctor encouragement to let the patients obtain required medical care; they receive skilled care, which can be provided by nurses or health aides (Elswick, 2011). They…...

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