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Research Paper: Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance

By James Smith
This is a custom research paper writing on Knowledge Management and Organizational Performance
A feature of the modern era therefore is the extent to which change is seen as being ubiquitous. This notion of change pervades both the realm of the popular as well as more analytical texts. Clearly the reasons for societal changes are complex but according to Lash and Urry (1987) they can broadly be explained by the liberalization of global capital and the information technology revolution. Lash and Urry (1987) characterize these changes as heralding the emergence of a new form of capitalism, that of disorganized capitalism, while other writers consider the contemporary period to amount to a rupture with modernity itself. Any change in society should also impact upon the way in which knowledge is distributed and organized within that given society.

For a successful company however it is of course not sufficient to respond to changes in the environment; rather it is desirable to anticipate those changes and to adapt before anyone else. This is a source of competitive advantage for an organization. Thus change needs to be a continual process which takes place iteratively rather than as discrete events. The capacity to change in this way involves the whole organization and requires an understanding of how organizations can learn to adapt continually. More particularly it requires the organization to make best use of the knowledge and expertise which is possessed within it and this has become known as knowledge management. In this article we are going to explore what is meant by knowledge management.

While concerns have been expressed as to whether KM is merely the latest in a long line of organizational `fashions', such fears have been allayed through pointing to the likely enduring…...

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