Organizational Plans

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Organizational Plans
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Organizational Plans

Bateman, T.S. & Snell, S.A. (2011) states that the different types of plans that organizations can use are: Situational Analysis, studies past events, examines current conditions, and attempts to forecast future trends. It focuses on the internal forces at work in the organization or work unit and, consistent with the open-systems approach. The Alternative Goals and Plans, based on the situational analysis, the planning process should generate alternative goals that may be pursued in the future and the alternative plans that may be used to achieve those goals. Goal and Plan Evaluation, managers will evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, and potential effects of each alternative goal and plan. They must prioritize those goals and even eliminate some of them. Goal and Plan Selection, Once managers have assessed the various goals and plans, they will select the one that is most appropriate and feasible. The evaluation process will identify the priorities and trade-offs among the goals and plans. Implementation, successful implementation requires a plan to be linked to other systems in the organization, particularly the budget and reward systems. If the manager does not have a budget with financial resources to execute the plan, the plan is probably doomed. Similarly, goal achievement must be linked to the organization’s reward system. Monitor and Control, without it, you would never know whether your plan is succeeding. Managers must continually monitor the actual performance of their work units against the unit’s goals and plans. I use the situational analysis, because the cake decorating field changes often and I need to keep up with future changes. The monitor and control plan is one that I will use, I think that it is necessary in the workplace in…...

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... Organizational Plans Rebecca Maatouk XMGT/230 January 9, 2014 Joseph Walter Organizations need to make careful and well thought out decisions for the best interest of the company. These plans can be broken down into 3 parts and the company can choose all or one way of planning. Strategic Planning is a good plan when you are looking ahead for the entire business and it is more of a long term goal. The organization would start off with a vision. This is where the company needs to look to the future and see where it wants to be in just a few years to come. This plan must look into the future and accommodate technology changes, culture changes and have flexibility for change. Mission is the next step to strategic planning; having a mission statement of an overview of the companies values and a slogan that they want to customers to believe in. Last, values; voice the values of the company and keep these values in the future planning of the company. Tactical Plans are plans this is more a condensed form and outline of the strategic plan. This is more of a 1 year plan and this answers how you will accomplish the strategic plan. Within the tactical plan one needs to list specific goals with deadlines, evaluate budget requirements, and list all resources that will be needed, this also includes marketing, funding, etc. Finally, Operational Plans; these are plans set out on an even finer scale that help us to achieve the tactical plan. This plan is of importance, because it is......

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