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Complete this organizer to gather information you need for your Resumè.

Name Tristhy Anne Legaspi Igtiben first middle initial last

Address 153 Legaspi- Sanez St. Medicion 2 - A number street

Imus Cavite 4103 city state zip

Telephone (046) 489 - 8834

A. Job or Career Plans
Examples: become a secretary, electrician, carpenter, computer programmer, store manager, teacher, nurse, auto mechanic
1. Short-range plans:
Event DJ
2. Long-range plans:
Build my own music company

B. Education Plans
Examples: complete high school, two-year college, four-year college, career-technical program, job training program, military training
1. Education goal:

Four year college degree
2. Specific description of education plans:
Four year college degree
C. Schools Attended
List of all schools, starting with most recent and ending with junior high or intermediate schools.
Dates attended School City/State
2004 - 2012 Jesus Good Shepherd School Imus Cavite

D. Course of Study
Program of study in high school (Examples: career-technical program in health careers, business major, home economics)
Elective course, home economics, art class

A. Paid Work Experience
1. Job Event DJ
Type: Full-time Part-time: Summer : ✔
Employer Fiamma, Jupiter Village Makati
Dates employed to
Skills and knowledge gained through this job Mixing songs, entertaining people with the use of music.
2. Job
Type: Full-time Part-time Summer
Dates employed to
Skills and…...

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...Effects of “One Giant Step to Humankind” Outreach Project in the Level of Social Consciousness Of the Grade VI Students Is presented to Dr. Nicasio A. Manatan As partial fulfillment to the requirements of Philosophy of Education in Master of Education in Child Study Philippine Normal University By Cheryll S. Leus March 2012 Introduction One of the principles in learning is that “students learn by doing.” Once they are interested in something, they are focused and can easily absorb everything. According to Birkenholz, learning is often defined as a change in behavior. Learning occurs when people take new found information and incorporate it into their life (www.umsl.edu). In this light that the teacher in Social Studies VI asked the students to conceptualize and put into action a project that can contribute in eradicating poverty in the Philippines. The teacher believes that once a person knows something about the problem, he/she has responsibility to help solve it. Engaging the pupils in solving it will eventually develop a socially oriented individual who is critically aware to what is happening in his/her surrounding. And will soon be an effective agent of change in our society. Not everything is learned within the four walls of the classroom. Students may learn things necessary to life but not everything about life. It is important to expose them to the real world outside the......

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