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ISTM5010 – Integration of Information Technology and Business


Outsource Insource Final Paper Capella University December 14, 2012

ISTM5010 – Integration of Information Technology and Business


The company in topic is BAILEYpc, Inc. (www.baileypc.com) and their recent organizational structure change for cloud hosting services centered on maintaining a premium service while being agile to industry change for both customer and provider. BAILEYpc offers web hosting as a re-seller through (Site5) rather than owning and maintaining their own server. As a consulting service first the model is not primarily a hardware company. So all services like domain name sales, web hosting services and website development are all outsourced. Web hosting is offered as a compliment service to business development consulting services with servers being leased from a company specializing in hosting rather than inhouse.

ISTM5010 – Integration of Information Technology and Business


ABSTRACT ......................................................................................................................................... 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS ..................................................................................................................... 3 SUMMARY ......................................................................................................................................... 4 CLOUD COMPUTING TRANSITION .............................................................................................. 5 BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS TO IN-SOURCING & OUT-SOURCING .................................. 9 Control .................................................................................................................................. 9 System Design…...

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