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Answer 1 -
Work styles and personalities of Thomas and Frank Davis are poles apart. Frank is the Marketing Director and Green is freshly promoted senior marketing specialist . As we read the case study, we could observe that Frank Davis focused on sales goals where as Thomas would focus on clients and their needs. Frank depicts that with planning and great sales strategies , the sales targets would be achieved and there would be boost up in the growth of the company. However, Thomas only focuses on the ideas of the product and tries to convince how the product would generate profits. Frank's work style included presentations , spreadsheet models and market survey and data , where as Green's was approaching clients personally.

Answer 2 -
As observed in the case study, we could say that the actions of Thomas did differ from expectations of Frank Davis. Being the Market director , Frank expects information regarding plans and schedule of his subordinates. However, Green doesn't provide the information of schedule of his meetings with clients and meets them without any notice given to Davis. Moreover, Frank expects to receive follow ups by Green when it is requested ,yet Green doesn't level up to the expectations. Frank Davis expects everyone in the department to have a positive attitude towards sales target and achievement , but Green doesn't possess such quality and has negative attitude which is not acceptable to Davis.

Answer 3 -
Thomas Green joined Dynamic displays as an account executive. However, he wanted to be more than just an account executive. Hence, he aggressively worked hard to come into notice by the heads. Thomas had made remarkably great relationship with the clients and presented his ideas in the initial months. By this impressive work, he was promoted as the senior market specialist by McDonalds. Green is very charismatic and he…...

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...used as references. Kenneth D. Wann. "Cultural Values and Learning in Afghanistan." Educational Leadership Journal April 1959: 434-454. Print. This article introduces the development of the education of Afghanistan from 1937 when Afghanistan was united under one king to 1959. Kenneth argues, "In modernizing their educational system, the people of Afghanistan are striving toward consistent emphasis upon the enduring elements of their own culture" (434). This article would be useful resource as it demonstrates what the Afghanistan students learned in school and how it changed as time lapses. In addition, Kenneth D. Wann is professor of education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, N.Y. Mazhar, Muhammad Saleem, Samee Ozair Khan and Naheed S. Goraya. “Ethnic Factor in Afghanistan.” Journal of Political Studies 19.2 (2012): 97-109. Web. 29 May 2013. This scholarly journal mainly talks about the ethnic factor in Afghanistan. It firstly introduces the ethnic background information of Afghanistan, which includes the origins of various ethnic groups and its history. Also, it describes every main ethnic group of Afghanistan in detail. Author shows a geographic map of distribution in regions of different ethnic groups in Afghanistan and some data related to the population of these groups’ percentages of the total population. In addition, it analyzes the important role of ethnicity in the society of Afghanistan and some serious problems caused by that. At the......

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...were being done on a daily basis. Summary In summary, these two articles and the websites both indicate proper assessment for the use of an indwelling catheter or CVAD, can decrease the incidence of HAI for both. The nurse, also has to follow through with the findings of their assessment in order for it to benefit the patient. Also, proper assessing of these devices can decrease extra costs to the facilities if these HAI’s are prevented dramatically. References Ramirez, C., Lee, A. M., & Welch, K. (2012). Central Venous Catheter Protective Connector Caps Reduce Intraluminal Catheter-Related Infection. Journal Of The Association For Vascular Access, 17(4), 210-213. doi:10.1016/j.java.2012.10.002 Saint, S., Olmstead, RN., Fakih, G., Kowalski, CP., Watson, SR., Sales, AE., Krein, SL., Translating Health Care- Associated Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Research into Practice via the Bladder Bundle. Joint Commission Journal Quality Patient Saf, September 2009; 35(9): 449-455 http://www.cdc.gov...

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...respect for authority, however. They are not risk takers but would pursue a business in which the rewards are great but little strenuous work is involved. As can be seen, one can only scratch the surface of HRM in the Middle East. As globalization increases one can expect more such research (Mellahi, 2007). References: Aladwan, K., Bhanugopan, R., & Fish, A. (2014). Managing human resources in Jordanian organizations: Challenges and prospects. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 7(1), 126-138. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxy.saintleo.edu/docview/1525631894?accountid=4870. Dah, A., & Fakih, A. (May 01, 2016). Decomposing Gender Wage Differentials Using Quantile Regression: Evidence from the Lebanese Banking Sector. International Advances in Economic Research, 22, 2, 171-185. Gelfand, M. J., Leslie, L. M., & Fehr, R. (May 01, 2008). To Prosper, Organizational Psychology Should... Adopt a Global Perspective. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 29, 4, 493-517. Giangreco, A., Carugati, A., Pilati, M., & Sebastiano, A. (2010). Performance appraisal systems in the Middle East: Moving beyond Western logics. European Management Review, 7(3), 155-168. doi:10.1057/emr.2010.13. Harry, W. (January 01, 2007). Employment creation and localization: the crucial human resource issues for the GCC. The International Journal of......

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...in place to protect the physical system that houses the secured information. They in place to protect equipment from environmental hazards, theft, and natural disasters. * Administrative safeguards are the standards and policies set by the organization. They are actions, policies, and procedures to prevent, contain and correct security breaches. * The patient's information can be released to other people only when the patient permits it; if the patient is not able to do this because of mental incapacity or age, then the legal representative of the patient can allow this; * The information which is shared after any clinical interventions is immediately considered strictly confidential, hence must be protected (Jamshed, Ozair, Sharma, & Aggarwal, 2015). Industry standards for protecting data. Industry standards for protecting data are the following: * the data includes clinical protocol providing the consensus, local views of the guideline with the visible steps for their implementation; * the data includes care pathway that is the electronic document of the process; it includes actions that are recommended by guidelines or protocols, sequencing constraints and activity role constraints; * the data provides the record of health care information and also the variance record which is the method for recording and documenting information if there occur any deviations from pathway planned (Gooch & Roudsari, 2011). Two nonclinical......

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