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Season 2012 expanded stats breakdown: KI | HA | MA | TA | FK | FA | HI | GL | BH | TOTAL | AVG | DEFENDERS | RIC |  1. DELEDIO, BRETT  $528,100 $-19,600 ($+76,000) NEXT: GWS | | | 33
489 | 8
274 | 3
174 | 36
224 | 1
12 | -3
-12 | 0
14 | 0
54 | 0
9 | 78
(1,238) | 112.55 | | STK |  2. GODDARD, BRENDON  $414,200 $+1,200 ($-60,000) NEXT: ADE | | | 36
510 | 22
204 | 9
180 | 16
120 | 1
15 | -3
-30 | 0
5 | 0
30 | 0
7 | 81
(1,041) | 94.64 | | FRE |  3. BROUGHTON, GREG  $404,200 $-4,400 ($-12,000) NEXT: BYE | | | 24
327 | 18
232 | 18
147 | 36
264 | 2
12 | 0
-30 | 0
1 | 0
6 | 1
2 | 99
(961) | 87.36 | | WCE |  4. WATERS, BEAU  $438,900 $+0 ($+100,700) NEXT: CAR | | | 0
441 | 0
140 | 0
231 | 0
112 | 0
12 | 0
-30 | 0
0 | 0
36 | 0
3 | 0
(945) | 94.50 | | COL |  5. CLARKE, MARTY  $307,700 $-10,400 ($+166,200) NEXT: BYE | | | 21
375 | 14
156 | 3
132 | 8
120 | 0
6 | -3
-15 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 1
3 | 44
(777) | 70.64 | | BRL |  6. GOLBY, MITCHELL  $354,600 $+0 ($+89,400) NEXT: HAW | | | 0
330 | 0
156 | 0
147 | 0
140 | 0
9 | 0
-30 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 0
(752) | 75.20 | | WBD |  7. HARGRAVE, RYAN  $322,200 $+0 ($+89,500) NEXT: PTA | | | 0
351 | 0
148 | 0
174 | 0
40 | 0
6 | 0
-27 | 0
0 | 0
6 | 0
2 | 0
(700) | 77.78 | | GWS |  8. TOWNSEND, JACOB  $180,300 $+0 ($+76,100) NEXT: RIC | | | 0
120 | 0
46 | 0
48 | 0
120 | 0
11 | 0
-21 | 0
2 | 0
12 | 0
2 | 0
(340) | 42.50 | | GWS |  9. TOMLINSON, ADAM  $171,500 $+0 ($+27,800) NEXT: RIC | | | 0
93 | 0
40 | 0
45 | 0
44 | 0
1 | 0
-6 | 0
0 | 0
6 | 0
0 | 0
(223) | 44.60 | | MIDFIELDERS | ESS |  10. WATSON, JOBE  $520,000 $-700 ($+27,500) NEXT: BYE | | | 66
525 | 20
298 | 9
177 | 20
212 | 3
20 | 0
-27 | 0
2 | 12
66 | 1
6 | 131…...

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