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Religion in Pompeii and Herculaneum
This response seeks to assess the following quote, “the study of Pompeii (P) and Herculaneum (H) provides us with a wealth of sources-however we are faced with issues regarding their limitations, reliability and usefulness”, in regard to four different levels of religion. Those four levels are household, foreign, local and state. In regard to the statement it can be agreed upon that the first half of the quote is true and that there are a wealth of sources, but the second half of the quote which states that there are issues of limitations, reliability and usefulness in these sources is only semi-true as it depends on the type of religion being discussed. Religion will be examined from the least problematic to the most problematic in regard to wealth of sources, reliability, limitations and usefulness; household religion, foreign religion, local religion and state religion.
There is a wealth of sources regarding household religion in P and H and there are no issues regarding their reliability and limitations. One could relate this due to the fact that there has been evidence of most households practicing religion in their homes. The focus of household religion was the worship at a shrine called a lararium. These larariums were often depicted in an architectural style, such as the one found in the house of the Vettii (P) and the house of the Black Salon (H) which both resemble a temple in their style. The larariums could have also been painted and hung on the wall of a home such as the one found in the House of the Centenanry (P). There were three different household gods that were depicted on the larariums, these three were the Genius (spirit of the family), Lares (the guardian spirits of entry) Penates (protective of the food supply). The Penates and Lares were similar in depiction as they were both portrayed as…...

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