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Riya: My first question is for Miss. khushboo, why is the finger of suspicion on Russian Bet Rebels.
Khushboo: Logically it does not appear. The plane was to enter In the Russian territory but was flying in the east of Ukraine. Ukrainians have done the conspiracy to get the bad name of Russia. The Area was controlled by Rebels of Ukraine. But the Russia has to prove it.
Riya: What is Ukraine’s point of view on this for the act of separatist?
Apoorva: This was not the conspiracy but it was the act which was done by them. The black box also proves the same.
Riya: How the aircraft was wrongly identified as rebel aircraft?
Bhawik: Flight data recorder that is the black box matches with Malaysia Aircraft.
Riya: Was something done to avoid this incident?
Suruchi: A huge effort had been done to save this incident but unfortunately it happened.
Riya: What was the fault of civilians who lost their lives?
Suruchi: It is a huge tragedy which happened.
Riya: What is the reaction of Obama and US about this incident?
Apoorva: Obama and US have nothing to do with this. The America has a corrupt government. The Russians have not been bribing as the Americans are doing right now.
Riya: Does it look to be the fixing act of Ukraine?
Rohit: it looks to be the fixing act of Ukraine and it is their sole responsibility.
Riya: It was presumed to be a Rebel aircraft but it was turned out to be the civilian aircraft.
Rohit:it is simply the acquisition which has been imposed.
Riya: Obama is also putting blame on Russia. What is your view on this?
Khushboo: U.S. will escalate this issue and they will use their missiles. They will forcibly put the blame on Russia
Riya: Will Russia try to deescalate the issue?
Apoorva: They will try to avoid face to face collision and conflict in this.
Riya: Will Ukraine give up?
Apoorva: Ukraine is not going to give up. It may be the…...

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