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Decision In Paradise Paper, Part 2
Seane Banks
December 19, 2011
Rebecca Marek

Decision In Paradise Paper, Part 2 Trying to find a workable solution to expand my event company I arrived to this secluded island of Kava with a general search in mind. Despite the fact that the island was struggling with natural disasters, racial tension and infrastructure, I decided to go ahead and go forth with and increase my investment. I decided that we shouldn’t take all of their resources and not give back and make a difference. Seacai’s perfect events will not only implement their organizational process, Human resources and ethics, but we will apply smart decision-making techniques. Decision-Making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker (Harris, 2009). We will discuss in this paper a decision-making technique that seacai’s Perfect events will use and how crucial it is, cause of the problem and alternatives, and the solution and impact to the problem.

The mission for this company in Kava is to provide quality services to the consumer and possible job opportunities that can help with financial gain in the community of Kava. There are six steps to make effective decisions that Seacai’s Perfect Events will use to find solutions: Create a constructive environment, generate good alternatives, explore the alternatives, choose the best alternatives, check the decision and communicate the decision and action taken (Mindtools, 2010). These steps are decision making approaches in a systematic way. In order to achieve a great presences on the island Seacai’s Perfect Events each employee will have to utilize these steps.

An objective will have to be established in order to create a successful decision-making and constructive environment. You will have to know how the…...

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