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“Logic and Set Theory”

Part # 1

The intersection gives only what the two sets have in common. The union of two sets is the set of elements which are in either set. The intersection of two sets is the set of elements which is in both sets. Make sense right? At times there will not be any intersection at all, this would be called an empty or null set. The intersection gives you only what the two sets have in common whereas the union combines the sets. With the union we can retrieve records from both database sets, being able to access all of each set of records but when using the intersection of the database sets you can only access the records that meet both conditions.

Some examples may include the following (Something I can think of): After doing some reading I figure that most everyday things we encounter is ran through a database. When you access a database, often you want to recover only records with certain features. The records with these features can be treated as a set. For example, one set is all children born in the state of Maryland and the other set is all children born with Red hair in the U.S. When you use the union of both sets we include all children in the state of Maryland and all children born with Red hair nationwide. This will includes all of both sets, but when you use the intersection of the two sets you will get only the children born in Maryland that also have Red hair. The intersection gives only what the two sets have in common where the union will combine the sets.

Part # 2

Logic programing is based on formal logic. Something important to concept in logic programming –“is the separation of programs into their logic component and their…...

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