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Party Plates is growing every day. We have increased our sales with the implementation of our new collaboration software and we want to take another step, by introducing wireless technology to the business. Wireless technology is impacting the way in which business operates and provides us with excellent opportunities to exponentially grow our business. By introducing two new wireless technologies into our business that benefits all of our departments we can further streamline our systems and potentially increase sales.
The introduction of iPhones to the business will allow all of our employee’s access to our database, contact lists and everything they need to get their job done in an efficient and productive manner, wherever they may be. As you know many of our sales reps travel frequently and having an iPhone will enable them to virtually work anywhere and stay in contact with head office on a regular basis. The other wireless technology that we’d like to implement is the use of a GPS system. This will enable all of our delivery drivers to find our customers easily when they are out on the road. By purchasing a GPS tracking system that monitors our company vehicles we can monitor each driver and provide our customers with up-to-date information on their delivery times and location. Also with the implementation of both of these technologies, the sales department would be able to respond to customer’s issues, create solutions outside the work environment, respond to email and calls, and make presentation of our product.
Although, this will be a welcomed addition to our company’s efficiency; in handling our customers every need, with promptness it also has some drawbacks. The first con would be no ability to access a Wi-Fi network in regions or coverage areas. In some cases you may find yourself in a dead zone while moving. There are other times when we could be…...

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