Pass 2 the Classification of Business Activities

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Pass 2 the classification of business activities

Describe the primary, secondary and tertiary classifications of business using local and national examples.

For this pass I will describe the 3 industrial sectors, which are the primary, secondary and tertiary sector. After than for each classification I will use 3 examples.

The primary sector:
The primary sector is the economic sector that provides raw materials and basic food.
It’s involves growing, extracting or converting natural resources in to primary product (raw materials). In this sector the majority of the business is agriculture, fishing, mining and quarrying industries. I will give below 3 examples: Fishing, Diary Farm and Apple Orchard.
Fish Farm
HESY Aquaculture B.V. is specialized in design and construction of fish farming systems.
HESY constructed fish farming systems world-wide since 1984. These fish farms are based on water purification and water recirculation and can be used for fresh water as well as salt water. Basically all kind of fish species can be farmed in a HESY recirculation system. For example: Eel, Pike perch, Sturgeon, Trout, Tilapia, Catfish, Barramundi, White Fish, Salmon, Turbot, Sea bass, Sea bream and Cobia


Apple Orchard

Lakeland Hampers Apple Orchard Juice Co.
The Apple Orchard Juice Co. (Formerly Think Drink) is a small apple juice producing business, established in the Autumn of 2001. Quality apples are sourced mainly from Cumbrian orchards which, in most cases, are over one hundred years old. These orchards contain many ancient Cumbrian varieties, which gives the product a range of distinctive flavours. Each batch therefore differs in taste and bouquet according to the type of apples used.

Diary Farm

Gilmer diary farm
Spanning three generations of family ownership and operation, Gilmer Dairy Farm has been producing…...

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