Patriot Island

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Patriot Island
Down in Manhattan, New York in a tiny apartment surrounded by stores and bodegas lives Victoria an 18 year old teenager with her grandparents Papa and Emily. Victoria comes home from school and greets her grandparents. “Come my granddaughter, I have a story to tell you,” says Papa. Victoria and Grandma Emily sit down in the living room with Papa. “My dear granddaughter Victoria, when I was 22 years old I lived a very rich life on a beautiful island named Patriot Island with your grandmother Emily and your mother. Your grandmother was 21 and your mother was just one years old. We lived in a huge mansion by the waters. We lived a happily life till one day a strange group of men attacked my home and tried to rob us of our treasures and money. I grabbed your mother and grandmother and ran to our car, drove far down the other side of the island with my treasures and money in the car and then buried it in the ground far from the water. I took my car to the airport and flew on the airport here to Manhattan, New York with no money or belongings. We lived in a shelter till I found a good job and made enough money to get this place to live. And so we lived the rest of our life poor and raised your mother then as she grew older and found a good man she married him then had you. When they were 25 you were three years old and they had died in a car accident because they were arguing and didn’t see the car coming around the corner. Luckily you were with us here. So we received the bad news and mourned for years but we were happy we still had you. So we raised you as our child said Papa. “Papa, Grandma Emily, what if I went to Patriot Island and looked for the treasure?” said Victoria. “Yes my dear that is a great idea, I have a map that I drew a long time ago days after we left”, Said Papa. “We have enough money to get you a one way ticket there, If you find the…...

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...that every man counts equally not matter what the derivative of origin may be. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, is what reads on the description plate on the Statue of Liberty when you arrive at Ellis Island. Our founding fathers created the United States Constitution of Independence and the Bill of Rights, to ensure the natural rights of liberty and property to our citizens. 2012 is much different than 1791 but the underlying theme throughout remains a constant. From the American Revolution to present time, the United States has always reserved the right to fight for what our founding father’s founded this country on, freedom from tyranny. September 11th, 2001 is an unforgettable day for every American. On this day, the ongoing threat to these beloved values and ideals was evident. A tangible attack on U.S. shores, that was the most devastating terrorist attack in United States history. Extremists evidently displayed their capabilities in a devastating fashion. Our security was breached and an elaborate plan of attack was executed by Al-Qaeda, an Islamist Militant organization founded by Osama Bin Laden. The U.S. responded by launching its "War on Terror", and the "USA Patriot Act" was quickly implemented. This was a landmark in the way we handle terrorist attacks, from that point moving forward. The ideals of being an American is something that each individual United States citizen understands and respects. ......

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