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Peace Child
Don Richardson

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...Peace domestic violence shelter evaluation plan Introduction In this evaluation plan this paper is to make a comparative analysis of the evaluation processes within a shelter for domestic violence a organization like PEACE. I will also look at how technical and political factors that can affect program planning as well as the evaluation processes. Program evaluation is a carefully collection of data which is about the program and some of the aspects within the program. In this evaluation process I will focus on four pacific aspect which are vital to running a successful program, these would be 1. The needs assessments accreditation. 2. Cost/benefit. 3. Effectiveness. 4. Process and outcome. All these are aimed toward how accurately we can collect and understand the data that is related to our program. There are a number of parties who will use program evaluation report – core team, grant organization, other social groups for case study etc. There are also a number of benefits of a program evaluation, some of them are – * Verification of impact of products and services on customers * Improve the delivery mechanism. Making it more durable and cost effective * Analyze by comparing what we are doing and what needs to be done * Facilitate management thought process and decision-making ability Program evaluation is also connected to the need of the type of information, which is needed to be collected to aid managerial decision-making. Often the management is faced...

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