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Malcolm Testing Solution’s Penetration Test Plan
Customer: The Fitness Club
Introduction: The Fitness Club has already been victim to hacking that took place on their web server. They are unsure if this occurred due to a former administrator who quit or if by an external party. Malcolm Testing Solutions has been tasked with creating a penetration test plan to prevent further acts of attack on the Fitness Club’s network. The objective of the assessment is to provide feedback to The Fitness Club with respect to its ability to preserve the confidentiality, Integrity, and availability of the information maintained by and used by its origination. Malcolm Testing Solutions will test the use of security controls used to secure sensitive data.
Services Overview: This project shall include 1 consultant for a time period of 2 days onsite at a single customer location to provide internal penetration test services. Malcolm Testing Solutions will provide tools, knowledge and expertise to execute an internal penetration test on customer designated devices. Malcolm Testing Solutions will attempt to compromise the access controls on designated systems by employing the following methodology: 1. Enumeration – Once Malcolm Testing Solutions has arrived for The Fitness Club’s assessment they will connect to the network via the data port provided by the customer. Once connected, Malcolm Testing Solutions will run a variety of information gathering tools in order to enumerate computers and devices connected to the network. 2. Vulnerability Mapping and Penetration – Any computers or devices found will be scanned for vulnerabilities using a wide variety of tools and techniques. The tools and techniques used will be consistent with current industry trends regarding exploitation of vulnerabilities. Malcolm Testing Solutions will attempt to find the weakest link that can be…...

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