People Have Always Dreamed of Living Longer

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People have always dreamed of living longer

People have always wanted to live longer or to live forever or to be immortal. But there is a slight difference between immortality and living forever. Theoretically speaking there are some chances for people to live longer or even forever (scientists have already isolated the gene that carries information for growing older) but people will never be able to be immortal because our body is vulnerable although in some way our spirit is immortal.
Well, it is questionable why have people always dreamed of living forever. As we all know there are some beneficial facts concerning infinite life but on the other hand there are even more nuisances. Even if scientists would pass the problem of oldering our body would naturally be getting weaker. Nevertheless people know how repulsive oldness can be but they still want to live longer.
I assume it is because of the fear from death that people feel. However our life is our biggest preciousness. I nevertheless think it would be quite appalling to live forever. In my opinion death is a part of life that has to be lived. Because I’m shore there is something beyond death. Others, however, who don’t agree with my philosophy should share my other opinion that death is a kind of retirement. And isn’t retirement one of the basic reasons for eternal living?
By and large, many people don’t agree with my thinking. It is logical that people who are happy aren’t pleased to leave their happiness. To sum up, scientists will sooner or later be able to extend our lives and people’s dreams could become reality. On the whole we’ll have to wait what will nature say. And I think the answer won’t be quite pleasant. Ashes to ashes and dust to…...

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