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the worker's satisfaction level.
Individual performance is generally determined by three factors. Motivation, the desire to do the job, ability, the capability to do the job, and the work environment, the tools, materials, and information needed to do the job. If an employee lacks ability, the manager can provide training or replace the worker. If there is an environmental problem, the manager can also usually make adjustments to promote higher performance. But if motivation is the problem, the manager's task is more challenging. Individual behavior is a complex phenomenon, and the manager may not be able to figure out why the employee is not motivated and how to change the behavior. Thus, also motivation plays a vital role since it might influence negatively performance and because of its intangible nature.
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"An organization's success depends on the ability of managers to provide an environment which motivates personnel and maintains an environment of productive, happy and satisfied employees. This paper will explore different theories of motivation and determine what is involved in creating an ideal state of performance and motivation in the work force.
Effective appraisal systems are tools, when used properly, which evaluate employees' performance. Appraisal systems contain an evaluation system and a feedback system. The purpose of the evaluation system is to identify when an employee's performance does not meet acceptable organizational standards."
Performance appraisal process
• The first step is to establish a common understanding between the evaluator or the manager and the evaluatee or the employee. The work expectations from the management point of view,…...

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