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Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Environmental Health Special Events Program Temporary Permit Application
1001 N. Central Ave. #300 Phoenix, AZ 85004 phone: (602)506-6824 PERMIT/APPROVAL APPLICATION PROCESS
1. Steps required to obtain a special event food service permit/approval are included in this application packet. 2. Applicable licensing time frames are defined in A.A.C. R9-8-104. Once submitted, the Department has up to 30 days to determine if the application and supporting information is administratively complete. If determined the application is incomplete, a notice of deficiency will be sent to the applicant requesting additional information. At this time, the timeframe clock will be suspended until the applicant provides the Department with the requested information. Once administratively complete, the Department will evaluate the submittal for compliance with applicable codes. The Department has up to 60 additional days to make a final determination on the status of the permit. If a comprehensive request for additional information is made by the Department, the timeframe clock will be suspended until the applicant provides the Department with the requested information. Administrative Review Time (working days) Substantive Review Time (working days) Overall Time (working days)




3. If there are questions about the application process or assistance is needed please contact a Development Services Technician at 602-506-6824. 4. The Department’s website is located at 5. You may receive clarification from the Department of its interpretation or application of a statute, ordinance, regulation, delegation agreement or authorized substantive policy statement as provided in A.R.S. §11-1609.


Maricopa County Environmental Services Department Environmental…...

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