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Executive Summary

Perogies is a small family owned takeout restaurant, located right near the new IKEA. They pride themselves with the high quality and taste of the products. The wide variety of products offered in-store are mostly vegetarian and can be purchased frozen or cooked. Main competition of the store are other Eastern European stores in the Ottawa metropolitan as well as big chains like Loblaw and Metro. We believe that while Perogies is known for their high quality healthy foods and well established pricing model, they are lacking proper promotion and need an increased customer base. In order to attain the desired level of customer awareness we believe that Perogies will need to increase their online presence, by both social media and a complete redesign of their website. Moreover, flyer distribution in fitness centers, community centers and swimming pools will to further enhance Perogies as a onetime stop for proper healthy and nutritional food for people of all ages. A new sign will need to be purchased and installed, due to the need to attract IKEA customers more effectively. In long term, Pergoies will need to search for outside investment into the business and open a new location in the Chapel Hill area, as well as establish a delivery service. Strategy presented in this study is targeted on increasing brand awareness and customer base, while building on the current competitive advantages.
Situation analysis
Company Background

Perogies is a family own and operated start-up located at 1129 Baxter Road, Ottawa. Company was created back in 2008 and has been growing at a stable rate ever since. Perogies has started as a once a month volunteering job at a local church. On account of utmost commitment to exceptional quality and taste of the product, this start up has grown into a successful business. Presently, this business remains family…...

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