Personal Philosopy Statement on Early Childood Education

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Personal Philosophy Statement of Early Childhood Education




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This essay is my personal philosophy statement on early childhood education which represent my views on what should be done in the early childhood sector these include ;to impart fine morals and ideals in the children that I come into contact with, esteem each child and the families culture, beliefs, and race, make sure that the treatment I give to each child is fair to ensure that in each child the feeling of equality is developed, I will also have the community work with the families of the children and the educationists as a team, be a constant advocator of the kids, maintain an environment full of fun, interesting and still safe for the children, and to exhaust all avenues prior to making a decision concerning a child. This philosophy that I have presented will ensure that all families feel at home, every child comfortable, and the stakeholders desire to work as a team to make sure the optimal level of a child’s development is reached.

My personal philosophy has been shaped over time and it is: to impart fine morals and ideals in the children that I come into contact with; esteem each child and the families culture, beliefs, and race; make sure that the treatment I give to each child is fair to ensure that in each child the feeling of equality is developed; I will also have the community work with the families of the children and the educationists as a team; be a constant advocator of the kids; maintain an environment full of fun, positive and still safe for the children; and to exhaust all avenues prior to making a decision concerning a child. (Warner & Sower, 2005) This philosophy that I have presented will ensure that all families feel at home, every child comfortable, and the stakeholders desire to work as a team to make sure the optimal level…...

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