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Personal Goals
Playing to Your Strengths
Building on My Competencies

School is a tool that allows you to be in control of your success or failure. You must match your pursuit of your degree based upon your strengths and not allow your weakness to hold you back. With goals, interest, and competencies guiding us into career development, I had to ask the hard question, “am I qualified to own a business after getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting?” In the pursuit of our dreams, we have to remember to keep our integrity intact as the college environment will present many opportunities that will force us to choose. Make sure to use every resource and opportunity available. Allow mentoring by instructors, classmates, academic advisors, and people in your field of study that can help guide you to your goal.
I had to make the correct decision for me because I was in control of success or failure. Being married with a stepson and working fulltime meant that the traditional college road was not the one for me. The University of Phoenix was the perfect choice for me in pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. It would allow me to continue to work and get a degree in an online setting. I knew that there were not many opportunities in my area for a career in a large corporation. And while I could work at a local firm, my plan was to own an Accounting firm. A gigantic step I was undertaking but had believed that I could do it.
It was that entrepreneurial thinking alive again. I had chosen something that I had an interest and was one of my strengths. With a love for data and numbers, accounting was the obvious choice. I could lead people and had spent many years working to lead teams for someone’s company. Taking the initiative was something that I had always done and no longer would I wait to be discovered. No one was going…...

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...My Personal Development Plan Table of contents Introduction Areas that need development Your strengths Your action plan Key contacts Resources Related guidance on 2 2 5 7 8 9 10 Created by Business Link December 16, 2005 9:53 AM If you would like to come back and see how much you have improved, or update your current list of actions, please visit My Information at My Personal Development Plan | Created for Sample User on December 16, 2005 9:53 AM © Crown copyright 2005 Page 1 My Personal Development Plan To help ensure success for your business, a company owner needs to have a broad range of skills relating to management and leadership. Based on your current role and situation, this tool has prioritised the most important areas that you need to concentrate on and will point you in the right direction for further advice and training Don't forget that as long as you have saved your plan online, you can visit the Business Link site at any time, update your plan and see how much your skills have improved This tool has been based on the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership. View the full standards at Sa m pl Areas that need development Skills that need some development • Communicating • Decision-making • Leadership • Prioritising • Valuing and Supporting Others • Motivating You have lower scores for the skills needed in each of the......

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