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Personal Responsibility

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Personal responsibility has strong correlations to accountability in the same way that College has a great deal of similarities to our lives as a whole. Furthermore all of the above mentioned items and ideas are impacted directly by our individual actions or lack thereof.

There is no one common definition for Personal Responsibility but the one that I choose to believe as true is Personal Responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you (Wolfram, 2013). The definition for accountability according to the Oxford English Dictionary is “the quality of being accountable; liability to account for and answer for one’s conduct, performance of duties, etc (Oxford, 2007). As per the definitions it is evident how truly alike Personal Responsibility and Accountability truly are. If you have accountability in your life for your actions and their outcomes you are Personally Responsible in your life.

Success in life is being rich in health, family, and finances. With Personal Responsibility or accountability as a mantra and plenty of hard work it is all fully attainable. In regard to success in college it is similar to being successful in your personal life. Both require an enormous amount of hard work and discipline although success in college is definable with a Bachelors or Masters degree whereas success in your personal life is truly never completed or finalized. Success in college has a direct correlation to your success in your personal life in the following ways. Not only will getting a degree assist you in getting a competitively compensated position, it…...

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...Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility to me means taking credit, whether it be good or bad, for your own actions. Learning personal responsibility is what takes many time to understand. Personal responsibility and college success go hand in hand. College Success For many taking the leap into college is a scary and unknown path. For some of us we may be the first to attend college in our family. Personal responsibility means taking care of all tasks assigned to me in a timely manner and if not, being prepared to deal with the consequences that come with being delinquent. College success is ultimately up to you the student. Instructors can only do so much and they have a lot of students that they must also help. There are many resources available to us at University of Phoenix. They have weekly workshops that assist in writing and PowerPoint presentations and tutoring is also available. There is a close tie between personal responsibility and college success. You have to have the drive to want to succeed to accomplish tasks in class as well as in life. There is no one there to constantly watch over you while you are assigned tasks. Since we only have class once a week it can be both a gift and a curse being away from the classroom setting for such a long time. Yes, it gives us the freedom to go about our normal hectic lives with family and work but some need that extra time in the classroom to be in the environment. It sets the tone and puts some in a thinking......

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...Personal Responsibility Randy Fite Gen 200 September 18, 2012 Pat Boyed Personal responsibility, particularly as it relates to school, is taking charge of ones own learning. It implies completing assignments on time, studying for tests, taking the responsibility for one’s own learning mistakes or failures, and performing to the best of one’s ability (Lawson, n.d.). Accepting personal responsibility is the first step to being successful in life. You must accept that you and only you are responsible for the choices you make in life, work, and in school. I believe without personal responsibility chances of completing School and becoming the person you set out to be is slim to none. As a college student it is entirely up to you to make time during the day to complete homework assignments and to decide to stay home during weekends to study for upcoming test and assignments. Being personally responsible for your actions in school and in your career field will echo in the choices you make and in the success you reap. Personal responsibility does not come easy, its hard work and at some times it harder to be responsible than it is to be irresponsible but if you have a plan for how to practice personal responsibility it can make it easier and more enjoyable. First you must fully accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. Second I believe setting goals is a great way to practice personal responsibility. I like to set goals for myself at the start of each......

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...Personal Responsibility: Road to Success Measuring success is different for different people depending on where they are in life and what is important to them. The main component to any amount of success is responsibility. Personal responsibility is the ability to hold oneself accountable for maintaining your own personal standards and sometimes the standards and expectations of others, personal responsibility is similar to a highway that increases determination to accomplish goals (Singg & Ader, 2001). It is having the ability to prioritize and to take action to put forth your own effort to improve your situation in any aspect of your life. Even though it may push your personal comfort barriers, personal responsibility is a requirement for most aspects in life, and it should apply to personal life, professional life, and educational goals. Developing a plan is the biggest impact you can make toward your personal responsibilities, a plan shows intent of achieving a goal that at first may be difficult, but with a plan the goal can be broken down and simplified. There are many areas of responsibility in one’s life. One of the easiest to consider and approach is home and personal life. Personal standards at home may vary from a trashed frat house to military precision in organization and cleanliness. Wherever on the scale preferences fall is the responsibility of the individual to keep. Organization and cleanliness may influence other aspects of one’s life. If a college......

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...Personal Responsibility Jermaine Warner GEN/200 February 26, 2013 Janet Madden Personal Responsibility There is no success in life without personal responsibility. Success can be achieved only when one realizes that it requires some form of responsibility whether it is time management, prioritizing, or simply paying attention. The amount of success have is measured by the ability to be responsible for your own actions. Personal responsibility knows no class. Whether you are poor or rich, personal responsibility has a role in your life. In this essay I will identify with personal responsibility and the effect will have on my academic progress. My initial responsibility is to never repeat the cycle in which I was raised. I grew up in a single parent household with two brothers and four sisters. Life was very difficult growing up. With no father figure in my life, I was never shown the way to pursue success. I just gathered my memories of all the hardships from my adolescence and vowed to never repeat the cycle. My family was evicted from our home several times with no remorse. As a child I never understood why this was happening, as I grew older I realized my mother did not make enough money to pay the monthly bills on time. I am a strong believer that no matter how difficult the journey to adulthood was, there is no excuse to repeat failures you have lived through once before. Personal responsibility was introduced to me at a young age. I moved......

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...Personal Responsibility Essay “Ultimately, whatever is in your reality is your responsibility.” (Neta) I have been the responsibility of others for the first 18 years of my life. My parents have been responsible for taking care of me, sending me to school and ensuring my younger education, my meals, roof under my head, making sure I stay out of trouble and so forth. I have been the responsibility of babysitters, other family members and teachers. Never did I know or pay attention to how much personal responsibility means. Once I turned 18 years of age, I then found out what personal responsibility was all about and what it meant. “How else can children learn personal responsibility if they do not see the adults in their lives display the same quality.” (Rose, 1996) Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you. To me this means that instead of blaming others for an action or outcome done by you, you own up to it and takes responsibility for yourself. Also, being aware of what is right and wrong and being aware of what I should do in order to achieve what I want. After a certain point in your life you must take personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. Once you leave your parent’s house and responsibility, you have your own. You now have to pay your own bills, go to college, get a job, do your own taxes, learn how to manage......

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...Personal Responsibility How does one obtain the good life of the rich and famous? Where one does not have to worry about anything, everything is handed to them. He or she will want for nothing and definitely will only be responsible for getting up out of bed; oh, wait that is the life of a four- year-old. Many of to days students believe that they are entitled to everything and do not want to take the personal responsibility of their actions to achieve anything. An article in the American journal of pharmaceutical education, according to Smith, Cain, Romanelli, (2012) they write about Higher education literature, both peer-reviewed and popular press, is replete with accounts of faculty disgruntlement over some students' seemingly consumerist attitudes toward education. Common complaints include references to students who expect faculty members to actively cater to their desires and meet their demands for an education that is convenient to them and requires little to no effort. Students' lack of personal responsibility for their own education is a common and contemporary theme expressed by faculty members. Does the average student think about what personal responsibility is? Personal responsibility, it starts by respecting ones-self and others. To take responsibility for ones-self, keeping a strong focus on setting goals and having the discipline to go after them. I know that with a good sense of personal responsibility there is not much that I can-not accomplish or be......

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...Personal Responsibility Gen/200 May 20, 2013 Personal Responsibility Personal responsibility defines how a person will succeed not only academically but also throughout one’s life. When a person encompasses personal responsibility, he or she executes obligations in every aspect of his or her existence. It is necessary for a person to exhibit personal responsibility if one desires to have a lucrative and successful life. College Success and Personal Responsibility For one to achieve college success a person must have determination, to do what is necessary in one’s college career. A student must strive for excellence and have dedication to achieve a college degree. An undergraduate cannot expect to reach graduation if assignments do not get turned in on time or attend classes. In many cases sacrifice is necessary, meaning that three day camping trip may necessitate postponement. This is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast. In addition, a student must take ownership of his or her actions, achievements, and failures. It is important to remember, the world does not owe anyone anything, everything a person achieves is something he or she earns and that does not always come at cheap price. Plan to Overcome The greatest thing a person can ever do is to have a plan to reach goals and overcome obstacles that will inevitably arise. The primary step in this process is to become, and stay organized. One can keep a calendar handy with important dates, like the date that......

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...Personal Responsibility Deljim Elimy GEN/200 September 23, 2013 Kasey Patterson Personal Responsibility What is personal responsibility? What does it mean to have personal responsibility? How do I practice personal responsibility? These are questions that have boggled the mind of every individual at different stages of their lives. The definition of personal responsibility varies from person-to-person, but the popular meaning focuses on the concept that every action has a consequence. Personal responsibility was embedded on my mind at an early age. It was part of my upbringing and learning process. I can still hear my mother saying: “If you do not do your homework, you cannot watch TV”, “If you do not clean your room, you cannot go outside.” Possessing the understanding of how actions have consequences, either positive or negative, is essential to thrive and achieve personal, professional, and academic success. As I matured and developed my intellect, the meaning of personal responsibility became more than just making myself accountable, it also includes doing what is correct, taking charge of my life, and placing the blame on myself for the drawbacks and repercussions that my actions brings. Achieving success in my academic, professional, and individual goals depends on the acceptance of personal responsibility with my education, family, community, and health. The first step to achieve success and change my personal and social condition is to acknowledge the......

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...Personal Responsibility Jessica Carter GEN/200 February 16, 2012 Troy Thompson Personal Responsibility | | | | | | | | | Did you ever stop and think that everything you are or ever ill be is completely up to you? Just imagine. You are where you are because of who you are, and everything that exists in your life exists because of you, because of your behavior, words and actions. You have the freedom of choice and because you have chosen each and every outcome of your life, you are completely responsible for all of your happiness and sadness, your successes and failures, your present and future. That thought is one of the biggest and most important ideas that can ever occur to you. The acceptance of person responsibility is what separates the adult from the child; it’s the great leap forward into maturity. Responsibility is the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human being. “Responsibility expresses the capability to feel and be responsible, not only ex-post (i.e., once...

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...individual personal responsibility. How you deal with your own personal responsibility factors into each and every one of those decisions you make on a daily basis. Personal responsibility to me is, living and leading a successful lifestyle as an individual. When you learn to lead a successful lifestyle then you start to gain credibility to take on other responsibilities in life. Also, for the majority of time, how well you do with your own personal responsibility factors in on your college success. To obtain college success you need a certain maturity level. In today’s society, when you finish high school we go straight to college. If you have good enough grades, test scores to get into college doesn’t justify being able to live the lifestyle of a college student. Without being personally responsible it will be very difficult on your path for college success. After reading an article on a website by Brian Tracy, I took this quote pertaining to personal responsibility. “The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. It’s the great leap forward into maturity. Responsibility is the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human being.” (Tracy) This quote should be on the front of every college catalog. To me your opinion of that statement, will define you as a person. If you can’t accept personal responsibility then you will never progress past an adolescent’s maturity level. Your individual personal responsibility,......

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...Personal Responsibility Axel Rivera GEN 200 DONNA COOPER COLLEGE AND PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY Personal responsibility is required in all aspects of life to become a better individual and to complete set goals and deadlines. And that includes personal responsibility in the college classroom. Setting timelines, and realistic goals and to ensure there is no procrastination to complete these goals is highly important. The use of calendars with also a good tool to ensure goals and deadlines are kept. Once all goals are completed or accomplished, it is time to set the next set of goals. In order to stay focus and to attempt to continue to stay on track every individual will rely on those factors which include setting goals and timelines, and avoiding distractions and other real life situations. By being personal responsible it’s a good method to rely when attending college. The use of personal responsibility is a key. Once a set of values and attributes acquired, and are learned and used in the workplace and even at school it will be less challenging to reach set goals while attending college. Becoming successful in college requires all the skills, values and any other tool learned while growing up. Enrolling in college and being successful in completing a college degree is a big chapter in a person’s life. Personal responsibility will help and ensure success for that individual to achieve such goal. Planning and setting realistic goals, timelines, and deadlines will......

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