Personal Training

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Personal Training
Brian Staggs
Saturday, June 09, 2013.

Connie House

Personal Training

My personal past involved an active lifestyle and a job that provided the exercise and activity to keep fit. Racquetball, skiing, and co-ed softball are all very active sports that provided a work out for the entire body. The recent past has found me docile and depressed, so the desire for activity has diminished. My body and my health have suffered through this, so it’s time to make the effort to regain control and work for a healthier body. Implementing proper exercise and diet will assist with turning what I have into muscle and feeling better. A workout routine that will support building muscle tone and losing weight is the goal. At this time I do not have a regimented exercise plan. My work is very active so when I get home I am tired so I just want to relax and do my homework or watch television. I know that if I were to have a low-impact workout, I will increase my energy level. I have determined to begin with an hour of exercise 3 days a week. This will include low-impact weight lifting, bike riding, and swimming (Esser, 2012). In addition, I will like to focus on my abdomen area with the goal to firm up my stomach muscles. I used to do high impact bike exercises by doing laps up a hill each evening and I had my own workout gym in my basement where I pushed myself with weight lifting each evening. Unfortunately I have not been doing this because I don’t have my gym anymore and I am not as active anymore. Locomotion movements that are beneficial include biking and swimming. It is important to keep the body moving to assist in burning calories and to keep the heart pumping. Including breathing techniques will assist in lung function and provide necessary oxygen for building muscle. Walking can be a terrific type of low-impact locomotion…...

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