Personal Values and Ethical Standards

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Nanette Chambers
April 30, 2012
Theresa Y. Edwards
Personal Values and Ethical Standards
In the business of substance abuse counseling is not easy. Counselors deal with putting people’s lives back together so that they may enter back into a productive world. However, before this takes place in understanding the development behavior in why it has come to this and how ethical principles can help others to turn their lives around in a positive way. Focusing on what is right or wrong is not the issue; it is about putting life in perspective. In using the ethical way in developing a way in teaching clients to incorporate these ethics in their everyday lives to be free and stay free from mind altering chemicals for the rest of their lives. I am in a position as a counselor to engage in the ethical manner that I must abbey by as well in making sure that the clients adhere as well while participating in the program. There are factors that play a part in substance abuse counseling field. Not only teaching to stay sober but also learning a new way of living without drugs and alcohol. The personal values that I have tried to instill in my life I try to pass it along to the clients who I see in everyday life are values taught and carried down as a child growing up. This has made me the woman that I am today in despite of the past. Values I have learned to value in my personal life that has meaning to the person I am. For example: I was taught to always to be a lady at all times is respectable and look up to my elders. The childhood was fun growing up with family and close friends through my life. The values and morals with principles which, clients do not have because of their behavior that brought them to recovery. Teaching values to clients to set standards while in treatment lets me know if recovery…...

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