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Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Tammy Patterson Axia College of University of Phoenix SCI/241 The Science of Nutrition Patricia Thomas October 14, 2007

2 Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan The health/nutrition problem I am addressing is the need for me to lose thirty pounds that I have been hanging on to since the birth of my son four years ago. I feel that I need to get down to a healthier weight. I hope this nutrition/exercise plan will help me to accomplish this goal. I think that getting to a healthier weight will give me more energy as well as lower my risk for several age-related diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some types of cancers. My plan may take up to six months to complete. After I have accomplished my goal, I will continue my healthier diet and exercise regimen to help maintain my healthier weight and have more energy. The first step at the beginning of any nutrition/fitness program should be a visit to a family physician for a complete physical. After my physical, I will discuss my health/nutrition goal to lose excess weight and get back in shape with my physician. We will discuss exercise options such as cardio and strength training. I have the benefit of a home gym. That will make my exercise regimen easier especially that the winter months are almost here. I will start a journal to log…...

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan When it comes to our health nutrition plays an important role. Many health problems can occur when you do not have proper nutrition. Sometimes those health problems can be genetics. Some problems occur with eating disorders even. It all just depends on who you are. For me I do not have a nutritional problem per say. I have a poor diet. My nutritional needs are that I need to add healthier foods into my diet. Going to eat for lunch every day at Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King, or even Wendys is not healthy. When I get home eating a bunch of junk is not healthy either. This causes me not eat dinner. Now all I have in my diet is unhealthy foods. Instead of going out to eat on my lunch every day I should pack a few small snacks. Something small and light like fruit and vegetables. The nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables are a lot better than the junk I am putting in my body on a daily basis. The unhealthy foods can cause me to gain weight or cause heart problems to be even worse for me. Heart issues are a big health problem that runs in my family. While I pack a small snack for early morning then on in the afternoon it makes it so that I do not over eat either. This is another issue I have with food. If I eat a meal I eat way more than I should. Also when I get home from work I would be able to have another small light snack like crackers and cheese. Even though I had a small snack I will not eat as much at dinner as......

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...Nutrition and Exercise Plan Tina D'Antonio SCI/241 September 4, 2012 Joyce Rode In week one, I learned through the SuperTracker that I needed to increase my calorie intake to 2,200 calorie per day to achieve a healthier weight, as I was 99 pounds, and wanted to reach a goal of 105 pound. Even though I eat healthy food, I don’t eat a well-balanced meal. The SuperTracker showed me to implement more fruits, proteins and dairy into my meal plan. Vegetables and whole grains have really never been an issue for me. My other goals were to increase my vitamin D, vitamin A and iron, so I can stop taking supplements and to increase my dietary fiber. Throughout the nine-week program, I found that my eating habits did not improve. My calorie intake never went over 2,000 let alone get up to 2,200. I was although really shocked to learn how much sodium I consume, I always thought I was good with watching my sodium intake. This is why people have to be more concise of what they purchase as it can be high in sodium. The coach center message archive gave me some of the following advice for vitamin D, dietary fiber and iron. Vitamin D their comment was, try to meet your recommendation by trying new recipe ideas for salmon, tuna, and sardines. Dietary fiber the comment was plant foods are where you find fiber-fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, when your meal has more fiber, it often has fewer calories, and you’ll feel fuller and stay within your calorie allowance. Their comments...

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Nutrition and exercise is very important because they provide the body with all that it needs to be healthy. Creating an Exercise and Nutrition plan will help the author attain her weight loss goals. Insert name (referred to as the author throughout this paper), is currently at least 5 lbs overweight. She is 5 ft. 7 inches female weighing 165 pounds, which is a healthy weight range for the height. However, the author’s body mass index (BMI) is 25.4, which shows that the author is slightly overweight. According to Weight and Waist Measurement: Tools for Adults (2004), a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy. A person with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 is considered overweight, and a person with a BMI of 30 or more is considered obese. Therefore, the author must make provisions to encourage healthy eating, weight loss, and proper weight management. Identification of the Health/Nutrition Problem Losing weight is a trying goal to attain mentally and physically. The author wants to lose weight to be healthier and to have a better self-image. Therefore, the main health problem that will be targeted is weight loss, but placing emphasis on the author’s nutritional habits is also important. She does not consume nutrient dense foods that provide her with the nutrition she needs to change her goals. Another focus of the exercise and nutrition plan is to incorporate healthy eating as a lifestyle choice, rather than a means to losing weight.......

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Jessica Tesi University Of Phoenix This nutritional and exercise plan is mainly intended to focus on the issue that I have which is not getting enough calories and exercise throughout the day and week to help me lose and maintain a healthy lifestyle. According to the CDC based on my height and weight, my BMI IS 29.8, which indicates that I am overweight and am prone to serious health issues, such as diabetes. For my height of 5’7, a normal weight range would be from 118-159lbs ( I am currently at 190lbs. In order to lose, reach, and maintain a “healthy” weight and be within the correct BMI range, I must have a daily caloric limit of 2400 calories and do at least 300 minutes per week of vigorous intensity physical activity (, which is 60 minutes for a minimum of 5 days. This plan will incorporate eating and exercise recommendations that will change based on my change in nutritional needs, age, and seasons. Nutritional Goal is to consume 2400 calories a day within 3 main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with 2 smaller snacks, one in the mid morning and the other in the afternoon to help with weight lose and maintenance. This intake will contain 8oz of grains, 3 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits, 3 cups of dairy and 6 ½oz of protein rich foods. Grains can consists of oatmeal, bagel, pancake, rice, and pasta. Vegetables like dark leafy greens (spinach), bright red and orange......

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan The health and nutritional problems that I was experiencing before I started this class were, not eating the proper foods, especially for my age and medical condition. I have never had a weight problem, but I did have a problem with not eating enough meals throughout the day. In going over the plan that I need to implicate, I need to stay aware of foods that could raise my blood pressure. When I found out that I had high blood pressure, I drastically reduced my sodium intake but at the same time, I did not incorporate any type of exercise. Having high blood pressure sometimes is a little scary, when I think I am doing everything right, I will sometimes get a headache that may last two or three days. I can never come up with a reason why because I take my medication daily but, I feel that it maybe foods that I am unconsciously eating foods that are not good for me. I know I have to be very careful because, a year and a half ago, I suffered from a mini stroke, which I feel not only came from my diet but from stress. I always made it a point to read the labels before I purchased foods looking for how much fat it contained, not realizing that I should have really been looking at this sodium intake and a reasonable amount of fat intake which can boost energy. The problems that I must target are; eating at least three balanced meals a day, forming an exercise program that will help me maintain my weight and energy level. There......

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...Eating Healthy, Nutrition and Exercise Plan Final Project Jayme A. Perales SCI/241 September 15, 2013 Venessa Lee Eating Healthy, Nutrition and Exercise Plan Final Project Over the past nine weeks we have learned what it takes for our bodies to become healthy and maintain that level of healthiness. Our body needs a lot more then exercise to be considered healthy. There are six macro nutrients that we must include in our diet on a daily basis; protein, carbohydrates, lipids, water, vitamins and minerals. These six nutrients will provide energy for our body to perform its daily functions ("What Is A Nutrient?", 2013).. Being physically fit and healthy means that we must incorporate a well-balanced diet that includes all nutrients and daily exercise regimen, if we are missing a piece of the puzzle we will be off balanced causing some sort of negativity in our life. Diet plays a major role in the outcome of living a healthier lifestyle. Whatever we chose to consume on a daily basis will definitely affect our weight and overall health eventually. Depending on the size of individual, sex and amount of physical activity will reflect how many calories a person should intake to function properly. I am a 29 year old man, who is pretty active in the gym and recreational sports so the tracker suggested a 2800 calorie per day diet. I would never come close to the suggested calories per day because I am a bariatric patient. I normally consume around 1,000 to 1,300 calories per...

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... Nutrition and Exercise Over a five week period I have kept tabs on my nutrition and physical activity. The findings are definitely interesting. My daily vitamin appeared to be safe. I take 65 mg of Iron every other day, one Women’s Daily Multivitamin, and 1,000 mcg of Biotin. Biotin is taken for healthy skin, nails and hair growth. According to Fitday (2011), the recommended dosage for this nutrient is 35 mcg/day and it is suggested that more than 200 mcg are taken although there is no medical evidence at this regarding high toxicity levels. Since I am anemic I take an iron supplement, but Fitday (2011) states I should only be taking 15 mg a day. If I am to continue with this high dose of iron I can eventually have tachycardia, damage to my heart, central nervous system, liver and kidneys (Cherif et al., 2010). Now the big one, the multi vitamin, it appears I have the advised daily amount of 18 mg of iron from this one tablet, as well as the full daily dosage of many other vitamins excluding calcium, vitamin K and niacin. Daily or a regular routine of physical activity is the best thing one can do for their body. It can assist with improving breathing, define muscle strength and tone, strengthen bone density, raise metabolism, assist with weight loss and reduce cancer risks (Cherif et al., 2010). I exercise, but not as much as I should. I do run but need to add more variety in my routine as well as increase my number of fitness days. My worst dietary habits are my......

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...SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project(Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan) Get Tutorial by Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser For More Courses and Exams use this form ( ) Feel Free to Search your Class through Our Product Categories or From Our Search Bar ( ) INTRODUCTION: Adequate nutrition and a proper exercise plan can be major components in a person’s health and happiness. I have balanced my individual nutritional need with physical activity for several years. Though, I never realized it this was forming habits that lead to a plan for maintain healthy weight and preventing disease. While my grandfather was alive, he did not pay particular close attention to his exercise and eating habits, though it did not contribute to his death, he did develop diabetes. My father has fallen into the same footsteps as my grandfather, and he too has diabetes. These signs lead me to believe that I too may have a predisposition to diabetes, it is important to keep this life plan and constantly modify elements of the plan as I age to keep in good health, especially with my family history. I may also have additional nutrition problems associated with my absolute dislike of green vegetables. By eating very little of these items I am lowering the amount of essential vitamins that my body needs. ......

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan SCI/241 Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan High cholesterol and obesity are two of my main concerns as far as my current and possibly future health problems if I do not do something about it. According to the American Heart Association (2011), about 75% of blood cholesterol is produced by the liver and 25% is from foods we ingest. High cholesterol can be caused by unhealthy eating due to the consumption of too many animal foods or can be hereditary. When cholesterol becomes too high you're at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke due to cholesterol that builds up and starts blocking arteries. I have been struggling with obesity for many years now and I have just recently found out that my cholesterol is high. If I do not get my obesity under control I will not only have problems with my cholesterol but I will also become at risk for other problems such as diabetes, heart attack and even cancer. There are many lifestyle changes that I must make in order to get my cholesterol and obesity under control. In order to do this I must make changes in my diet and exercise routine. There are several nutritional goals that I would like to do for myself in order to take the reins of my obesity and high cholesterol. My first nutritional goal is to reduce the amount of cholesterol I take in. In order to do this I will have to read labels and check the amount of cholesterol that is in the food I'm buying. I recently bought a...

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...Nutrition Care Plan for DM Debra H. Carcell Professor D. Gardner Nutrition / NTR 2050 South University Online Patient Summary: Debra M. is a 54 year-old African American female with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure approximately 4 years ago. Debra is a retired direct care specialist who lives alone in her childhood home. Her height is 4’10 inches (148 cm) and her current weight is 191 lb. (86.864 kg). She has a weight loss of 18 lb. over the last three weeks due to difficulty in breathing. She is experiencing difficulty in consuming large meals. She does not shop or cook for herself because she tires easily due to her condition. Debra did a 24 hour food recall and upon reviewing this information it revealed that she uses many processed and frozen foods. Her estimated caloric intake is approximately 1400 to 1600 kilocalories a day. Debra does not exercise because it tires her out to fast. Nutrition Assessment: 1. Food and Nutrient Intake a) Food / Nutrition Related History i) Energy Intake - Total Energy Intake: 1400 – 1600 kcal/day 2. Food and Beverage Intake a) Food Intake i) Amount of food: unable to consume larger food portions at one time ii) Types of meals consumed: processed, prepackaged and frozen meals because they are convenient for her to use 3. Micronutrient Intake a) Mineral/ Element Intake Sodium intake: excessive i) Sodium intake: excessive intake 4. Behavior a) Social Network i.) Debra does...

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...Personalized Health Plan SCI/241 Personalized Health Plan It is important for individuals to create a healthy eating plan. It is just as important for the individual to follow that eating plan in order to remain healthy. The food one chooses to eat as well as the level of physical activities performed has a significant impact on a person’s health. I am choosing to implement a healthy eating and physical activity plan into my life. The following plan is one that I feel could be used at any point in my life. It is a simple plan that could be easily followed regardless of most circumstances that may come my way. The health problem I need to target is my bad eating habits. I have concluded that I am guilty of four of the five most common bad eating habits. These habits include eating on the run, eating large portions, skipping meals, and late night eating. These habits are considered to be bad for various reasons. Eating on the run usually happens when a person is busy and does not have the time to cook a healthy meal. The result usually ends in fast and unhealthy meals as the food of choice. Eating on the run also causes a person to eat quickly usually causing one to eat larger portions in order for the hunger to be satisfied. When eating these unhealthy types of foods, especially in large portions, one tends to consume many more calories and much fewer nutrients (3FC, 2011). The second, third, and fourth bad habits, in my case, relate closely to one another...

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...Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan Overweight, is the first word I believe is used to describe me when people first see me. Funny, is the first word used by people to describe me after getting to know me and I learned obese is how the professionals classify me and the “funny- fat girl” is how I perceive myself. I am 43 years old, five feet, four inches tall and recently had a full hysterectomy. I am not what would be described as morbidly obese but I am considered obese at 30 pounds over the ideal weight for my age and height according to the standard bmi calculators. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis are some of the health risks associated with being overweight (WebMd, 2011), post- hysterectomy surgery, and my family history. Living a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced diet and exercise plan will help deter these and other health risks and helps change my own self-perception of who I am and how I am perceived by others. Setting reachable goals will aide in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The goals I have set for myself include: create a list of priorities with myself as first on the list, increase activity levels in increments of five minutes per-month, create, maintain and execute a well-balanced meal plan each week, lose five pounds a month to lower potential health risks, increase water intake and continue education about nutritional needs at different stages of life. To meet the goals I have......

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...Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plan Many people are unfortunate to experience health problems associated with nutrition. They may also have health problems due to hereditary circumstances. The main problem worldwide seems to be the lack of nutrition people are getting on a daily basis. Nutrition is the key to living a healthy life. Eating the right foods and participating in physical activities can actually help a person expand their life span. Many of the health problems may be addressed with the help of a dietician or general knowledge of what your body needs. I have sadly been struggling with weight issues for a few years now and have learned some new things that can change my life. The first concern of mine is the fact that I am under the age of thirty five years old. I have given birth three times and became overweight each time. My daily life has lacked the right amount of physical activity. I also have been on a dieting roller coaster for about five years. Many of the diets I followed were fad based such as the low carbohydrate diet. This was a diet where I basically eliminated carbohydrates from my body but replaced those foods with higher fat foods such as large amounts of red meat and cheese. I did lose weight but gained it all back within two years and then some. These fad diets I am talking about have affected many people. They think a certain food is making them fat such as foods that contain carbohydrates. Sadly we all put ourselves at risk of other......

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...Personal Nutrition Exercise SCI/244 04/29/2012 Personal Nutrition Exercise Plan * Being healthy or maintain a staying healthy is not easily done when you are used to eating what you want and when you want. You have to learn how to be healthy and gain the knowledge. If I want to have a healthier life and be more active, I have to make crucial changes in what I do on a day to day basis. After I learn the proper way of being healthy I will see positive outcomes. The main issue that I am trying to avoid is obesity. What is obesity? It is the excess of fat tissue in one's body."Obesity is a leading cause of United States morality, morbidity, disability, healthcare utilization and healthcare costs (The Obesity Society, 2009)". Across the globe, obesity is one of the biggest health issues that many countries have come across. A lot of my close family members are and were (have passed) obese, this is why it is of great importance that I pay extra close attention to components that can intensify my risk of also becoming obese. I believe that obesity can be based on genetics, but I also know that it is caused by our own poor and unhealthy eating habits that we have lived with since we were children, as well as our past generations. I know that I can break this ongoing cycle that has been passed down one too many times, by just making healthier decisions as to the food that I eat and becoming more active. In order to avoid becoming obese, I would need to set goals for......

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...Final Project: Personal Nutrition Exercise Plan SCI/241 June 17, 2012 Tara Deters Final Project: Personal Nutrition Exercise Plan Over the last several weeks I have analyzed my current diet and exercise habits, as well as reading up on the USDA Food Pyramid Guide and their exercise recommendations. I have taken what I've learned in this class and what I have learned by doing a little research and I was able to personalize a nutrition, diet, and exercise plan for myself. For starters, I will need to take a good look at my current habits and that affect my nutrition and exercise plan. I like to believe I eat pretty healthy, but there is always room in improve. I'm not big on candy or sweets. I also have a hate for milk, so I only drink milk when I eat cereal, and milk is a needed for calcium and vitamin D. I love the sun so I tend to believe I get enough vitamin D from the sun. My diet consist of chicken, salad, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Since I have an office job and the only time that I have to actually get away is during my lunch hour, so I'm not very active at work, so that kill eight hour of my day right there. I like to ride bikes and take walks, and every now and again I will roller blade. I can honestly say that I haven't been doing too much of any of this, as it's been pretty busy for me. These activities I do take part in aren't really stimulating, and my heart rate is raising much, because I do it at my pace not as if I'm......

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